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Finland Ice Marathon 2023

The largest and most famous celebration of winter sports in Kuopio

Finland Ice Marathon
Finland Ice Marathon
Finland Ice Marathon

The Finland Ice Marathon is the oldest ice skating event in Finland. This event takes competitors on a 12.5 km lap on the natural ice of Kallavesi in Kuopio harbor. There is also a refreshment point with hot drinks and catering in the passenger harbor.

At the start of the race, you can find a large tent which serves as a changing room for participants. There is even a mini-marathon for boys and girls age 12 and under. Their laps vary from 500m to 2 km according to the age category. Anyone willing to take part in the marathon needs a special license from the Finish Ice Skating Federation. Usually, the ice marathon itself takes place from morning until afternoon, but you will also find even more winter sports competitions like ice biking, ski jumping, kick-sledding, and the Nordic Combined World Cup. Altogether it is a huge celebration of winter sports!

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