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Ice Skating in Rome

The best winter ice rinks around Rome

Best time: mid-December–February

Ice Skating
Ice Skating

During the Christmas season in Rome, you can find many ice skating rinks. One of the most visited skating rinks is situated near the Castel Sant Angelo at Piazza Adriana and is named “Grizing Village”. While visiting, don't forget to explore the Christmas Market with its holiday lights, magic atmosphere, delicious food, sweets and hot wine! Other places with skating rinks are located a bit farther from the centre such as “Ice Park” at Piazza Re di Roma and a larger one near “Sottozero” and the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Ice skating rinks are open from the middle of December until February or even March. Despite the fact that snow in Rome is extremely rare, it can still be quite chilly and cold during wintertime! It's best to prepare your warm coat, gloves and scarf to make sure you're ready to spend an awesome day outdoors.

Practical info

When can one enjoy ice skating in Rome?

From mid-December to March, the ice skating rinks in Rome are open, allowing visitors to enjoy ice skating. Proper preparation is necessary as the winter season can get cold in Rome. It is recommended to wear warm clothes such as a coat, gloves, and a scarf to keep warm while participating in outdoor activities like ice-skating. Show more

Which are the most popular ice skating rinks in Rome?

Rome has several popular ice skating rinks, such as Grizing Village, located near Castel Sant Angelo at Piazza Adriana, Ice Park situated at Piazza Re di Roma, and a larger ice skating rink near Sottozero and the Auditorium Parco della Musica. Visitors can relish the ice-skating ambiance and explore the festive Christmas markets and holiday lights around the city. Show more

How should one dress for ice skating in Rome?

To comfortably enjoy ice-skating in Rome, it is advisable to wear warm clothing such as gloves, a scarf, and a coat since it can get cold even in the absence of snow. Additionally, the cold wind that blows over the ice intensifies the chilly atmosphere, making it feel even colder. Therefore proper apparel should be worn before attempting ice-skating in Rome. Show more

Are there alternative activities around the ice skating rinks in Rome?

In addition to ice-skating, visitors can immerse themselves in exciting activities near the ice-skating rinks in Rome. One such activity is exploring the Christmas markets that offer delicious food, sweets and hot wine. Tourists can also marvel at the vibrant Christmas lights and euphoric atmosphere created by the festive ambiance at the Christmas markets surrounding the ice-skating rinks. Show more

What are the prices of ice-skating in Rome?

The prices of ice-skating in Rome depend on the location of the rink, with the cost usually ranging between €5-€15 per hour of skating. Some larger and better-equipped rinks can charge upward of €20 or more per hour of skating. Visitors need to check the operating hours and prices of each rink to avoid any unforeseen surprises. Show more

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