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Roman Artichokes

A great complement to​ Italian pizza, pasta, and Easter food. Try artichokes prepared in both Jewish and authentic Roman styles

Roman Artichokes in Rome 2019 - Best Time
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Tim Sackton

The most ancient vegetable cultivated in Rome, and the most revered, is cooked in various ways. According to a Jewish recipe, it can be prepared by deep frying it whole until it is golden brown and crispy on the outside and soft in the center. The authentic Roman recipe asks first to cut it​ and then cook them with herbs and garlic in virgin olive oil. Pasta and pizza go without saying. Sweet-flavoured artichokes combine especially well with bacon and melted mozzarella. Artichoke season falls during Easter, and it would have been sinful not to use it for Easter food! Romans apply their favourite artichokes int​o a classic Easter dish called "coratella con i carciofi" made of lamb innards. This authentic delicacy is available between late February and May.

Roman Artichokes in Rome - Best Season 2019
Best time for Roman Artichokes in Rome 2019
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