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Best season to travel to England

Pumpkin Season

The "golden head" is full of delicious seeds and vitamins


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The pumpkin has many figurative expressions for the Englishmen: "some pumpkin" means "big boss", "pumpkin head", "bighead" or just "stupid", "pumpkin-hour" means the same as the deadline.

This is not to mention Halloween when every house is usually decorated with scary faces from a pumpkin with a candle inside—sometimes very intricate and spectacular.

Pumpkin can be cooked, dried, served as a garnish, and used for filling pies; its sweet taste is in a harmony with the meat. In autumn season the pumpkin becomes indispensable for the preparation of cream soups with the addition of potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic, as well as mushrooms or seafood. To add creaminess to the soup, you can include not only cream but also coconut milk. As a filling for pumpkin cream soup, Asian sweet and sour sharp sauces or cheeses with strong aroma should be added.

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