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Shambala Festival 2021

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The Shambala Festival is an annual summer festival in Northamptonshire, England. A diverse family-friendly festival focuses on rock, folk, and world music. It also features independent films screenings, demonstrations, workshops, debates, comedy, and an organic market. A garden workshop space will also be available, incorporating art and crafts. Many activities are dedicated to cultural awareness, environmental issues, and rights. The festival attracts about 7,000 visitors many of whom wear costumes or fancy dresses. The event venue is kept secret until you purchase a ticket, which helps to avoid gate-crashers.

Shambala Festival in England - Best Season 2020

The Shambala festival also offers children activities such as creative workshops, trampolines, games, circus, and a samba procession. Children will also be able to add their messages to the Rights Tree, that will be posted on the website.

Best time for Shambala Festival in England 2020

Organizers of the festival call themselves "dreamers, thinkers, radicals and romanticists" who got together for a summer weekend. Shambala has become a space to play and to revitalize, a space for wild experimentation and alternative education.

Best time to see Shambala Festival in England 2020
Best time for Shambala Festival 2020
Best time to see Shambala Festival 2020
Best time to see Shambala Festival 2020

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