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Wasteland Weekend 2023

Spend a few days of your life in a "Mad Max" movie setting

Dates: September 27–October 1, 2023

Wasteland Weekend
Wasteland Weekend

Wasteland Weekend is held every September in the Mojave Desert, near Edwards, CA. It is also close to California City, CA. The main theme of Wasteland Weekend is post-apocalyptic Mad Max series as well as the Fallout series of video games. The festival is a full immersion event, which means that all participants are required to wear costumes and adhere to the central theme. Organizers also encourage post-apocalyptic campsites and vehicles. Find yourself in the world beyond the grip of civilization!

Wasteland Weekend was first held in 2010 with just 700 participants. Since then it has been held annually and gathered more than 2500 people. The festival has expanded to five days and features lots of post-apocalyptic parties, competitions and fun events such as Wasteland film festival. There will be live bands and DJs, combat performers, fire dancers, wasteland burlesque, post-apocalyptic-style sideshow, and circus acts. View an armada of post-apocalyptic vehicles and Jugger—the bloodsport of the future.

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