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Cartoomics 2024 in Milan

A large fair and cosplay area for comics enthusiasts

Dates: November 22-24, 2024


Every March, the city of Milan hosts Cartoomics, the largest fair in northern Italy dedicated to comics, videogames, cosplay, cinema, games, costumes, and entertainment in general. The annual fair attracts about 100,000 attendees to the Fiera Milano Exhibition and Trade Center, located in Rho, about 14 km northwest of Milan. Even though the venue is outside the city, it can be easily reached by the red subway line with a special ticket.

Held since the 1990s, Cartoomics is curated by Filippo Mazzarella, an Italian film and entertainment critic with expertise in videogames. The Milanese event has become one of its kind in northern Italy and the second biggest comics event on a national scale after the comic books and gaming convention in Lucca, Tuscany.

While it had started as a comics fair, Cartoomics has been expanded to include games and videogames culture, home video, and films. Cosplay, science-fiction, and fantasy themes have also been introduced to the entertainment program. There is a big cosplay contest for the best costume, and many attendees show up dressed as their favourite characters. Cartoomics is a great platform where industry professionals can interact with fans and exchange ideas. During the fair, comic publishers and film producers organize book presentations, cinema previews and display their exclusive content.

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