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Anthrocon 2024

You're welcome to become a part of the premier furry convention, with or without a costume

Dates: July 4-7, 2024

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If you're into anthropomorphic art or simply like cartoon animals, Anthrocon is a place for you to be. The annual event takes place at David L. Lawrence Convention Center in late June or early July, within the 4th of July weekend. The organizers call it a furry convention, and it truly is, with such traditional elements as meet-and-greets, workshops, and seminars. The participants can learn fursuit sewing, discover the history of anthropomorphic art, and obtain some knowledge in animation, design, and writing.

Fursuit Parade

The most vivid part of Anthrocon is surely the iconic Fursuit Parade that usually takes place on Saturday in downtown Pittsburgh. Up to 2,000 fursuiters set off to the so-called "walking art show" at 2 pm at the Convention Center. Several more thousands (6,000 to 7,000, in some years more or less) come to see the exuberant celebration. Furry dance party and fireworks are the finest complements to the celebration.

To become a fursuiter, you have to wear a cartoon-animal costume, or at least ears, paws, or a tail. But everyone who joins the fandom is counted as a furry, even if they wear a casual outfit.

History of Anthrocon

Even though Anthrocon calls Pittsburgh home, it wasn't always so. The event started in Albany, NY back in 1997 and was among the world's first events dedicated to anthropomorphic characters. The convention moved to Pennsylvania in 1999 and traveled around the state until it finally settled down in Pittsburgh in 2006. Since then, the Burgh has remained the host city to this unconventional convention.

How to join Anthrocon

To take part in the furry convention, online registration is required. It normally opens in October. Anthrocon is organized by a not-for-profit group, so you'll have to pay some minimum to attend, just to cover the expenses on preparations and operation of the convention. Besides, you can donate to charities supported by Anthrocon.

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