Sophia Andrus


Born in Lviv, Ukraine, Sophia's fascination with historic architecture led her to explore diverse cultures. She studied English and Spanish, deepening her appreciation for cultural heritage. As a volunteer, she organized an English-speaking camp in Ukraine, fostering cultural exchanges with American volunteers. After working as an English teacher and translator, Sophia transitioned to her true passion: content writing.

Since she was three years old, Sophia has camped with her parents every summer, sparking her passion for hiking in the Carpathian Mountains. As a child, she toured Europe with her folk dance group, performing in various countries. These experiences fueled her desire to explore more places independently. As a travel enthusiast, Sophia is not only passionate about traveling but also about reading books on different countries and their cultural differences.

Sophia loves exploring and dreams of visiting as many places as possible, whether popular or obscure. However, Spain and Portugal top her list, with Gaudi's vibrant and unique architecture in Barcelona and the wild waves of Portugal's coast.