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Borobudur in Java

Visit the world's largest Buddhist temple temple without crowds

Best time: September–May


The Buddhist temple of Borobudur, listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is beautiful beyond comparison. This huge temple is built from 2 million stone blocks. Since it's probably the most popular tourist attraction in the country, it gets very crowded, especially during summer, from June to August. You have the best chance to avoid crowds if you visit it either early in the morning, or later in the afternoon. The peak time for tourists in the Borobudur is 11 a.m.

The temple consists of six terraces, topped by three more. If you climb the top terrace, there will be a great view of the surrounding countryside. But it is also worth to explore the lower terraces where you can discover fascinating details of the temple without too many visitors around.

Borobudur is located some 40 km from the city of Yogyakarta. It's possible to stay in the nearby village, rent a bicycle and visit the temple at the sunrise. Thus you can not only avoid the crowds but also make one of the most beautiful pictures to remember this view forever.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Borobudur?

The ideal period to visit Borobudur ranges between September and May, characterized by drier and cooler weather. During the peak season that starts from June to August, there is an increased number of visitors, making the temple very crowded. The off-peak season, therefore, presents a better opportunity to visit without worrying about crowds. Show more

Where is Borobudur located?

Located in Central Java, Indonesia, about 40km away from Yogyakarta, Borobudur is accessible by renting a bicycle from the surrounding village or hiring a private car or motorbike. History-rich Yogyakarta offers an excellent cultural experience, and visitors can fly directly to the city through the Adisucipto International Airport from various Southeast Asian cities. Show more

What is the best way to reach Borobudur?

The most convenient way to reach Borobudur is hiring a car or motorbike from Yogyakarta, taking about an hour. Additionally, the Jombor Bus Station has buses that make the 1-hour journey to Borobudur Bus Station. Visitors residing in the surrounding village can rent bicycles, which offers a more affordable option. Show more

What is the most recommended time of day to visit Borobudur?

To avoid the crowd and get a relaxing experience, it is advisable to visit Borobudur early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The temple is frequently overcrowded during the peak tourist time of about 11 am. Exploring the temple in the early morning or later in the afternoon grants a calm environment and a relaxed pace. Show more

What is the main attraction of Borobudur?

Borobudur's massive Buddhist temple is the primary attraction, made up of over 2 million stone blocks spread over six terraces and topped with three more. It is the most extensive Buddhist temple globally and is acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After climbing to the top terrace, visitors can access a panoramic view of the large surrounding area. Show more

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