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JUNE 05 - JUNE 14:JUNE 05 - JUNE 14:


Langkawi SkyBridge

January–August • activity

Follow this curvy bridge up in the mountains and touch the Malay sky

Canopy Walks in Borneo

April–June • activity

See where birds fly and gibbons jump in Borneo

Feeding Baby Sharks

April–June | October • activity

Even predators can be cute and friendly, if you know how to behave

Diving near Borneo Island

April–October • activity

Dare to challenge a famous sea Drop Off

Watching Orangutans

May–October • nature

Thumbs up for orangutans and their opposable thumbs

Pitcher Plant or Nepenthes

March–October • nature

These plants eat insects and even small mammals

Longboat Ride and Longhouse Overnight

May–August • activity

Spend a few nights with an indigenous community to learn the cultural roots of many cultures of Southeast Asia

Canopy Walks in Peninsular Malaysia

June–August | January–February • activity

Explore Malaysia from the treetops

Mangrove Forests

January–February | June–August • nature

Check out these trees growing in sea water that host lots of crabs and prawns

Bats of the Sarawak

March–September • nature

If you are not scared of vampires, visit this four-million bat colony


March–June | September–November • activity

Choose Malaysia if you want to see as many different kinds of birds as possible and meet colleagues from all over the world

Pygmy Elephants

June–September • nature

The world's smallest subspecies of elephants live in Malaysian Borneo

Proboscis Monkeys

all year round • nature

They may seem very cute because of their golden fur and tiny brown eyes, but their huge nose make them look rather weird

Gong Making in Sabah & Matunggong Gong Festival

all year round (gongs) | October 28, 2017 (festival) • event

Some tribes are distinct with dances, some with hunting, and the Rungus community has mastered its skills in making gongs

Kuching Cat City

April–September • activity

If you are a cat lover, visit this town occupied with cats while it enjoys a short break from rains

Black Orchids

March–August • nature

Black orchids are a rare and fascinating flower not to be missed!


Harvest of Edible Swiftlet Nests

February–April | July–September • food

Have you tried a soup made with birds? With eggs? What about soup from the whole bird nest?

Traditional Kite Flying

March–April • activity

Peacocks, cats, and moons fill the sky when large kites are launched at the end of harvest

Borneo International Kite Festival

September 28–October 02, 2018 • event

Dragons, tigers, lizards, cats, and more! It gets very crowded up there, high in the sky


October–March • activity

Have you ever imagined what it'd be like inside a washing machine? The answer is here!

Tea Plantations and Pulled Tea

February–March | August–September • nature

Black, green, Oolong, teh tarik—try various sorts of tea in Malaysia

Hot Springs

March–May • nature

Do you believe in the miraculous healing power or just want to test your body with really hot water on a cooler spring day?

Malay Martial Arts Silat

July | September • event

Are they fighting or just dancing? It might be both, especially if they practice silat

Vanilla Flowering Season

April–May • nature

Everyone knows the sweet aroma of this flower and its beans!

Asam Embang (Mawang) or Jungle Mango

January–February | July–August • food

This huge type of mango can be tasted and enjoyed only in Borneo