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Canopy Walks in Borneo, Malaysia 2025

See where birds fly and gibbons jump in Borneo

Best time: April–June

Canopy Walks in Borneo
Canopy Walks in Borneo
Canopy Walks in Borneo
Canopy Walks in Borneo

If you visit Borneo, don't miss observing its clumsy orangutans, cute pygmy elephants, and huge stinky rafflesias. Moreover, all these can be done, while playing hide and seek on the steel or wooden stairs of a canopy walk that swirl between tree branches.

The Mulu National Park Canopy Walk in Sabah province is one of the oldest in Malaysia. It is 480 meters long and crosses the river at a height of 25 meters. If you take this wooden walk, it will guide you right to the equally impressive Mulu Caves and bat observatory.

The Maliau Basin Sky Bridge is believed to be the oldest canopy walk in Sabah Borneo. In addition, Maliau Basin is one of the least explored areas here, so reaching the canopy itself may be a difficult task, though of course easier with the help of tour guides. You have to be ready to cross a river and climb a 45-degree vertical canopy before entering the first observation tower. Anyway, it is worth it, as the view is gorgeous, and the birds flying by and gibbons jumping around will be ready to greet you.

The Poring Canopy Walk is one of the most popular, as it is easy to reach from Kinabalu Park and it is comparatively easy. Also, it is the highest in Sabah at 43 meters in height, which stands above the rainforest canopy and runs near hot springs.

Canopy walks are accessible at any time of the year, but the April-June period is the best time, as the weather is relatively dry and the air is free from forest fire smog. Fires usually arrive in July.

Practical info

When is it ideal to go to Borneo for a canopy walk?

To experience Borneo's canopy walks with ease, it is recommended to visit in the dry period of April to June. The visits can be affected by forest fires smog that usually arrive in July. Hence to dodge the smog, it is better to visit before this time. Show more

What are the three famous canopy walks located in Borneo?

Sabah province houses one of Malaysia's oldest Mulu National Park Canopy Walks. Maliau Basin Sky Bridge, considered the oldest canopy walk in the area, is situated in one of the most unexplored parts of Borneo. Poring Canopy Walk is another favorite among tourists due to its closeness to Kinabalu Park and accessibility. Show more

What is the height and location of Poring Canopy Walk?

The Poring Canopy Walk is located near the Poring Hot Springs and is easily accessible from Kinabalu Park. It is the tallest canopy walk in the Sabah Borneo area standing at a height of 43 meters, providing a stunning bird's-eye view of the area and its lush greenery. Show more

What wildlife can one hope to see during the canopy walks?

Wildlife enthusiasts can spot various animals during the canopy walks, such as orangutans, pygmy elephants, and towering Rafflesias. Many tourists love the unique perspective that the sightings of birds in their natural habitats provide. Monkeys, gibbons, and squirrels are among the other animals that visitors can expect to see while walking on the suspension bridge. Show more

Is getting to the Maliau Basin Sky Bridge easy?

No, reaching the Maliau Basin Sky Bridge requires some effort as it remains one of the least explored regions of Borneo. A tour guide can be the best option to get there as visitors need to cross a river and climb a 45-degree vertical canopy to reach the observation tower. Nonetheless, the magnificent vista from the top of the tower justifies the strenuous journey. Show more

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