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Langkawi SkyBridge

Follow this curvy bridge up in the mountains and touch the Malay sky


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Do you think that bridges are only built to help people cross water reserves? What about a bridge above mountains? The Sky Bridge in Malaysia was erected in 2004 on top of the Gunung Mat Chinchang mountain on Pulau Langkawi island. It is 125 meters long and it rises about 100 meters above ground. It is made completely of steel, and all of its elements were lifted by helicopters before they were attached together and places on a single pylon.

Langkawi SkyBridge in Malaysia - Best Season 2020
Best time for Langkawi SkyBridge in Malaysia 2020

The Sky Bridge is only for pedestrians and can hold 250 people at once. One can see Malaysia's green hills, sand beaches, and the blue curves of waves in the Andaman Sea at the same time.

The SkyBridge is supported by a 82m high pylon 2020
The SkyBridge is supported by a 82m high pylon

The great view is a reward for those who are not afraid of heights and manage to reach the Top Station. By the way, you may choose to walk 15 minutes along the mountain or take a paid ride in a Sky Glide cabin.

Best time to see Langkawi SkyBridge in Malaysia 2020

The high season in Langkawi is between January and March, but crowds of tourists may make for a lengthy queue. Meanwhile, during the mid-season April to August can be slightly rainy and less warm, but for fewer people on the bridge, it may be more worthwhile. Moreover, mid-season usually offers lower prices, thus, you can stay longer in the area.

Best time for Langkawi SkyBridge 2020

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