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Punakha Suspension Bridge

If you stop in the very middle of this bridge, you will get a great view of the river, valley, temple, and a good boost of adrenaline as well!


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It may surprise many of us to see how an old handmade bridge can handle a group of tourists and barely shake and swing.

The Punakha Suspension Bridge is considered the longest of its kind in Bhutan. It is located in the Punakha district, and it connects the two sides of the Po Chhu river. In the early years, the bridge was made for the Lamas of Punakha Dzong (temple) who crossed the river very often to visit nearby villages. Today it serves both for locals and tourists who want to visit the temple.

You can visit Punakha suspension bridge at any time, but summer and winter are more favourable periods in terms of weather, as it may be hard to cross the bridge during rain and strong winds.

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