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Mt. Everest Ascent

April–May | September–October • activity

If you are brave enough and ready for extremes, visit the peak of the world and fulfil part of your wishlist


April–June | September–October  • activity

This trekking paradise often called the roof of the world, can't be compared with any other place on Earth

Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon

April–October • nature

The stunning beauty of the Tsangpo Grand Canyon and its greatness will stay in your memory forever!

Sacred Lakes of Tibet

April–June | September • nature

The holy lakes of Tibet are majestic, large, and beautiful and not to be missed!

Monk Debates at Sera Monastery

April–January  • event

Watch the Tibetian monks debate and learn the importance of this tradition

Qinghai-Tibet Railway

all year round • activity

The world's highest railway is a real masterpiece attracting travellers from all over the planet

Potala Palace

all year round (best September–May) • activity

A real symbol of Tibet and one of the most gorgeous buildings in the world

Snow Leopard

April–November  • nature

This animal from the endangered list is hard to see, but there's always a chance for an accidental meeting during your hike

Butter Tea (Po Cha)

all year round • food

Sweet or salty? With milk or without? Just try various combinations and decide which one tastes best


May–October • nature

These unique animals are an essential part of Tibet's scenery. Although there are a lot of domesticated yaks, there is also a huge number of wild herds to see

A Hike to Mt. Kailash

April–June | September–mid-October  • activity

This holy mountain opens its spectacular roads to the open-hearted and welcomes all to join the "kora"

Tibetan Bunting

November–May • nature

One of the rarest bird species in the world is observed and studied in Tibet since little is known about their lifestyle

Vulture, the Sacred Bird of Tibet

May–October • nature

The most important and worshipped bird in Tibet


Saga Dawa Festival

May 18, 2019 • event

One of the most important Buddhist festivals gathers pilgrims at the base of a sacred mountain

Nagqu Horse Racing Festival

early to mid-August • event

Real competitive spirit and unique performances are combined in one colorful event

Tibetan Antelope (Chiru)

Novemberl–December | late June-mid-July • nature

The best time to see Tibetan antelopes is during their migrations

Tashi Lhunpo Thangka Festival

July 15–17, 2019 • event

This bright festival is unique to the Tashi Lhunpo monastery and attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors

Sho Dun Festival

August 30–September 05, 2019 • event

A massive yoghurt festival that involves religious and cultural celebrations and attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators

Losar or Tibetian New Year

February 05–07, 2019 • event

During the days of Losar celebration, you can become a part of unique and exciting rituals and events. Come and enjoy the New Year at the top of the world

Black-Necked Cranes

October–March  • nature

Black-necked cranes are the only alpine cranes in the world, and the largest number of these birds can be found on the Tibetan plateau


February • food

Traditional Tibetan momos have travelled to other countries, but the original taste can only be found here

Tibetan New Year Food

February 05–06, 2019 • food

Find a prediction for the upcoming year in a special dish, served right before the new year

Peach Blossom

late March–early April • nature

Blooming is always spectacular, but observing blossoms among the snow-capped mountains can be something new

Cham Dance Festival

June 12, 2019 • event

Being there and watching the performance is an excellent way to dive into the traditional religious atmosphere of Tibet

Butter Lamp Festival

February 20, 2019 • event

The last day of the New Year's celebrations features one of the most colourful festivals

Hot Springs

October–December • activity

Hot springs are the best spots for real relaxation. Those in Tibet will also provide you with scenic views and are perfect during the cooler winter months

Great Prayer Festival (Monlam)

February 08–15, 2019 • event

At this time Tibetans honour Sakyamuni, visit temples and monasteries and bring donations to monks. And for monks, it's a very special time when they all come together and spend time praying and debating, as well as performing various religious rituals