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Best time to visit Tibet

Hot Springs

Hot springs are the best spots for real relaxation. Those in Tibet will also provide you with scenic views and are perfect during the cooler winter months


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If you want to relax after a long trip or just a reprieve from the daily routine, the best way to do so is to visit one of the hot springs in Tibet. With over 1,000 hot springs, Tibet can offer you fantastic options for relaxation.

There are also some traditional spots like the hot springs at Tirthapuri where pilgrims bathe after completing the Mt. Kailash's kora. This site is fantastic and is one of the most popular.

One of the most sacred sites in Tirthapuri is the Sweet Earth Hole known for its medicinal properties. This place is worshipped and treasured by local people and millions of pilgrims. Another unique spot found here is the Karma-testing Hole. Located in the Guru Rinpoche Monastery, this special rock with a hole in it can tell you the truth about your karma. Just put a hand into the hole and pull out two stones. If they are white, your karma is perfect, one black and one white, means that everything is ok, but if the stones are both black, you have some karma issues.

Another famous spot is the Yangpachen hot springs. A unique fact about this place is the natural phenomenon of hot springs located on the cold plateau. The view is spectacular during winter. Snow-capped mountains seen from a distance create a perfect atmosphere together with the white haze, which usually appears in the early morning. Hot Springs in Hailuogou are hidden in virgin forests. They provide a special experience—watching the snow falling from the sky while bathing. The resort is located in the Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park.

These are just several of some of the best spots to enjoy relaxation in its purest and most ideal way. Choose fall or early winter for your spa trip since January and February are already too cold to travel to the mountains.

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