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Homestead Crater in Utah

The Homestead Caldera is one of the unique hot springs in the world. It should be on your wishlist while touring around Utah

Best time: all year round

Natural hot springs are often very popular sights, full of visitors. But how about a hidden hot-spring? The Homestead Caldera is one of such spots. This natural hot spring is located in Midway, Utah, hidden inside a 16.7 m high limestone rock. A large natural opening, which serves as the only entrance to the crater, is located right above the spring.

In 1996 another entrance was built in the rock to make access easier. Thus, summiting the crater is off-limits nowadays and you can enter it only from a side tunnel. The tunnel takes visitors to special decks where they can enjoy diving, snorkelling, or just swimming and soaking in the mineral-rich spring.

Guests can also enjoy a self-guided tour that features some historical, geological, and archaeological aspects of the crater. The dome was formed some 10,000 years ago by the deposition of various minerals. Nowadays the water is piped out of the crater but the dome still continues to grow, much more slowly. The constant changing of the water, due to the piping process, also influences the temperature.

The water in the spring remains 35.5 degrees Celsius year-round. The visibility of the water is one more unique feature of this place. You can easily see the birds in the sky through the top of the dome, even from the bottom of the spring, which is 19.8 m deep. It is also the warmest diving spot in the USA.

Practical info

How do I access the Homestead Caldera?

To access the Homestead Caldera in Utah, visitors can use the entrance located near the Homestead Resort. Although summiting the crater is forbidden, visitors can enter using the side tunnel. The Homestead Resort has ample parking spaces for trailers, buses, and cars. Show more

Can I swim in the Homestead Caldera?

Swimming, diving and snorkeling are popular activities at the Homestead Caldera hot spring. The water maintains a comfortable 35.5 degrees Celsius temperature year-round. The water is directly piped from the underground hot spring and returned to the Earth. Visitors can enjoy the mineral-rich water that makes it perfect for various activities. Show more

What are the unique features of the Homestead Caldera?

The Homestead Caldera hot spring is distinctive for its high dome that covers the hot spring and only entrance above it. The underground water contains minerals and remains at a comfortable 35.5 degrees Celsius all year round, making it perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Visitors can experience the Caldera's unique geothermal features during their visit. Show more

When is the best time to visit the Homestead Caldera?

The Homestead Caldera is an all-year-round tourist attraction that maintains a steady temperature of 35.5 degrees Celsius, making it an ideal destination at any time. Visitors can experience the natural hot spring's beauty with self-guided tours, diving, and swimming. Reservations are recommended for better planning. Show more

Are there any nearby attractions to the Homestead Caldera worth visiting?

When visiting the Homestead Caldera, tourists have plenty of other local activities to enjoy in Midway City, Utah. They can attend the Swiss Days Festival held over the Labor Day weekend or enjoy the Homestead's Ice Castles in winter. Visitors can also experience activities such as horseback riding, hot air balloon rides, fishing, and camping nearby. Show more

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