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Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Some of the most beautiful mineral hot springs in North America


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Relaxing in 40 °C mineral springs while enjoying the view on the surrounding forest is a great way to spend a weekend. It's worth a trip to Steamboat and Strawberry Park Hot Springs, which is nestled in a high mountain valley. The park offers beautiful stone lined soaking pools, rustic cabins and tent sites, massage and Watsu therapy.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Colorado - Best Season 2020

After sunset clothes are optional in the hot springs so if you are a shy person it's better to soak in the pools during the day. Also, kids are not allowed in the pools after dark.

Hot springs operate year round however an unpaved road leading to them is really rough, so if you decide to visit between November and May you'll need a 4x4 SUV with snow chains to make it to the springs or you'll need to take a shuttle from the park.

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