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Hot Springs Off Season

Hot springs in Borneo do not provide fancy accommodations, but their simplicity and untouched natural elements are inviting

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Soaking your tired back and legs in warm bubbling water among Borneo's natural beauty is very often what many travellers really need. So, when visiting Borneo, do not sidestep its hot springs which still haven't gone through extreme modernization.

There are three places which are well worth the visit. The most well-known by tourists and locals is Poring Hot Spring located in Kota Kinabalu Park. It's hard to resist it after a day of walking around the huge park or even after climbing the summit of the Mount Kinabalu. Its water has a high level of sulphuric minerals and is believed to have healing powers. That is why this is the most crowded among the hot springs here.

The area of Kuching city has two spots with hot springs. One is near the village of Annah Rais. This location remains mostly untouched with only slight decoration from stones. The water can be super hot, so you might find yourself moving back and forth between the river to balance your temperature. There are even little fish that provide your feet with a gentle cleaning in the river.

Another spot was just recently opened and is called Kampung Panchor Hot Spring. This place is managed by a local village, and due to its good conditions, it welcomes more and more tourists every month.

It is, of course, hard to enjoy hot springs if the area is too crowded, so try to go there during low season between October and April, and also avoid public holidays.

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