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Totumo Mud Volcano in Colombia 2025

Have you ever tried a mud bath inside of a volcano? If not, don't miss this chance to try an incredible experience swimming and diving in mud

Best time: mid-January–April

Totumo Mud Volcano
Totumo Mud Volcano
Totumo Mud Volcano
Totumo Mud Volcano

If you visit Cartagena, stop by the volcanic mud bath in Galerazamba just 40 km away from the city. Climb the hill, and you will find a small volcano you can dive into and enjoy the natural mud inside.

It's a wonderful way to chill and relax! What is more, the minerals in the mud are very healthy for your body and skin.

The area surrounding Totumo Volcano offers amazing views of mountains, lakes, and forests. Close to the volcano, you can find lots of lakes where you can wash yourself and there are a few cafes where you can have a delicious traditional meal. The tour from Cartagena to Galerazamba about $15 and you can spend there the whole day enjoying the sun and the unusual spa experience.

The best time to visit the volcanic mud bath is from mid-January until April. At this time you can avoid the crowds and prices are more reasonable. Moreover, during this time of the year it's rather warm in the mornings, and by noon the breeze provides relief so it's more pleasant to be outdoors.

Practical info

What is Totumo Mud Volcano and where is it located?

Situated 40 km from Cartagena, Totumo Mud Volcano is a remarkable natural wonder, with warm mud that has therapeutic properties. Once you immerse yourself in the warm mud, it exfoliates, detoxifies and rejuvenates your skin. The town of Galerazamba in Colombia's Bolivar region hosts the volcano. Show more

What are the benefits of taking a mud bath in the volcano?

Totumo Volcano's mud is laden with minerals and sulfur, which enable numerous health benefits like rejuvenation, detoxification, and skin exfoliation. Furthermore, the mud's warmth relaxes the muscles, reduces pain, stress, and inflammation. Thence, the mud bath experience turns into a spa treatment that is exceptional and unmatched to other conventional spa activities. Show more

Are there any other attractions or activities in the area surrounding the mud volcano?

The region around the mud volcano offers more than just the mud bath experience. The Bolivar region's landscape is breathtaking, and visitors can savor its beauty. The area's fascinating lakes are perfect for washing off mud, boating, and swimming. The Salinas de Galerazamba is another attraction where visitors can learn about the salt production process. Show more

How much does a tour from Cartagena to Galerazamba cost?

The Mud Volcano tour from Cartagena costs approximately $15 per head and includes transportation to and from Galerazamba, the mud bath experience, and additional attractions. Costs are reasonable, and visitors are not required to pay for anything else once they arrive at Totumo Mud Volcano. Show more

When is the best time to visit Totumo Mud Volcano and why?

The perfect time to visit Totumo Mud Volcano is between mid-January until April. During this time, the weather is breezy and sunny, prices are more reasonable, and there are fewer crowds. The morning's warm temperature and the refreshing afternoon breeze quell sweltering heat, making it more comfortable for visitors to aimlessly roam the surrounding region and enjoy the mud bath experience. Show more

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