Best time to travel to Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Don't miss Old Faithful on your trip to Yellowstone!

Best time: May–October

Old Faithful Geyser
Old Faithful Geyser
Old Faithful Geyser
Old Faithful Geyser

Over 10,000 various geothermal features are waiting for you in Yellowstone. One of the world's most renowned geysers is located here as well.

Although Old Faithful is not the largest, it provides some of the most spectacular eruptions. The average height of the stream is around 39-54 metres. It is one of the most active geysers and attracts crowds of visitors with its tremendous power every hour and a half.

You can watch the eruption around the perimeter of Old Faithful, at the dining room of the nearby inn, or enjoy it from a bird's eye view at the observation point at the Upper Geyser Basin. Almost all Old Faithful facilities (lodging, bike rentals, service stations, etc.) are open from May until October, so plan your visit accordingly.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to see Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park?

The best time of the year to see Old Faithful Geyser would be between May through October. During this time of the year, everything is open, including lodging and other amenities. It can be difficult or almost impossible sometimes to visit the place during winter because the roads are often snow-covered. Visiting during other times of the year requires careful arrangement and planning in advance to be able to see the famous geyser display. Show more

How high can the stream from Old Faithful reach during eruptions?

Old Faithful Geyser's stream from eruptions on average can reach heights of up to 54 meters or 177 feet. The eruptions typically last for one to five minutes, and the time between eruptions lasts for roughly 60 to 110 minutes. The geyser's exciting display attracts several people to the location, where they can watch the eruptions from different vantage points around the area. Show more

What are some places where I can observe the eruption from Old Faithful Geyser?

There are multiple locations visitors can choose to watch Old Faithful Geyser's eruption. Most of the viewing areas include Odd Faithful Inn's dining room, Upper Geyser Basin's observation point, the perimeter of the geyser nature trail, and the boardwalks and observation decks surrounding the area. These areas offer excellent vantage points for visitors to view the fantastic natural display of the Old Faithful Geyser eruptions. Show more

Are the facilities around Old Faithful open throughout the year?

The facilities surrounding Old Faithful Geyser, like restaurants, lodging, and other amenities, are not entirely open all year. During peak tourism season, from May to October, most facilities remain open. However, visitors should be mindful of the rough and hence sometimes completely blocked roads leading to the location during the winter season. Although some tour companies offer packages for visiting during winters, visitors should plan accordingly and check with authorities to get updates on facilities or visitation schedules. Show more

Apart from Old Faithful Geyser, what other geothermal features does Yellowstone National Park have to offer?

There are over 10,000 other geothermal features in Yellowstone National Park besides Old Faithful Geyser. Some of the most notable ones include Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Prismatic Spring, Norris Geyser Basin, and Castle Geyser. Visitors can take part in guided tours by park rangers or explore the numerous hiking trails that lead to unique and diverse geothermal features within the park. Each geothermal feature in Yellowstone delivers an exceptional and memorable experience that visitors should not miss. Show more

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