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Mammoth Hot Springs

These amazing colorful hot springs are changing and growing all the time. Come and observe beautiful terraces created by these springs

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The Mammoth Hot Springs are one of the park's unique attractions. Located in the north-west part of Yellowstone, it is well known for its fantastic terraces. The fact that this is an active hydrothermal area means it is constantly growing and changing. That's why this beautiful spot is sometimes called a 'natural sculpture.

It is a perfect example of hot springs that deposit travertine. Hot waters that flow from Norris to Mammoth influence the surrounding limestone and constantly create new sculptures and pools.

The temperature in over 60 hot springs varies from 17°C to 74°C. You should avoid direct contact with the water as it can cause burns. Some of the most attractive features here are the Canary Spring, Minerva Terrace, Palette Spring, and Liberty Cap. The most colorful and beautiful is the Minerva Terrace. The avarage temperature of this spring is around 71,6°C.

But as the water cascades from one terrace to another, it cools and creates perfect condition for algae to grow. Blue and green algae together with cyanobacteria create these magical colors of green, yellow, orange, and red. It is especially beloved by photographers. The Main terrace includes several various springs, but the most popular is the Canary Spring. The temperature of the spring is 71°C and it has a gorgeous ultramarine colour. Prepare to spend some extra time here to marvel at these majestic natural pools.

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