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Myvatn Nature Baths in Iceland 2024

Don't neglect a chance to take an open-air hot bath after hiking chilly Iceland

Best time: May–September

Myvatn Nature Baths

Serene Iceland offers an endless variety of natural attractions which can hardly be explored within a single visit. After a gruelling hiking adventure you deserve to soak your aching muscles in a hot bath—luckily Iceland doesn't lack in natural hot springs either. These are scattered all over the country, and besides a well-known Blue Lagoon, there're other alternatives.

If you explore Iceland's north, your healing location will be Myvatn Nature Baths. Forget about daily issues and let yourself relax in the clouds of steam rising from the pool. Geothermal water is drawn to this basin from the depth of 2,500 meters, just imagine.

Myvatn Nature Baths are open all year round, but summer months (May through September) offer longer operating hours until midnight.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Myvatn Nature Baths in Iceland?

Between May and September is the ideal time to visit Myvatn Nature Baths. During the summer months, they have longer operating hours and it's open year-round if you want to visit at another time. Show more

How deep is the basin that supplies water to the pools?

The geothermal water at Myvatn Nature Baths comes from a borehole that goes down 2,500 meters. This water contains rich minerals like silica and sulfur, which are good for your health and well-being. Show more

What type of minerals are present in the geothermal water at Myvatn Nature Baths?

The geothermal water at Myvatn Nature Baths has several beneficial minerals like silica and sulfur. Sulfur assists in reducing inflammation, enhancing complexion, and soothing common skin issues while silica strengthens bones, joints, tissues and aids other conditions like blood circulation and cell regeneration. Show more

Where is Myvatn Nature Baths located in Iceland?

You can find Myvatn Nature Baths located by Lake Myvatn, in the north of Iceland. If you have a car or can use public transportation, it is found at Jardbadsholar, 660 Myvatn. From Akureyri, the nearest city, you can drive to the location within an hour and half. Show more

Are there any nearby hiking trails or other outdoor activities to do in the area?

Various activities can be enjoyed near Myvatn Nature Baths including hiking trails, tours of the lava fields, hot springs, and other natural phenomena. Lake Myvatn is also nearby and is great for hiking and wildlife viewing, while Myvatn Nature Reserve is home to a range of bird, plant, and animal species. Show more

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