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Mystic Hot Springs

Feel free to bathe in a hot tub filled with rich mineral waters from a natural spring and enjoy the captivating scenery

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Hundreds of tourists and locals head for the warm healing waters of the Mystic Hot Springs. Here everyone can have a relaxing deep in a hot bathtub or a pool. The water with temperature of 75 °C comes out from the underground at a rate of 200 gallons per minute.

But don’t worry, the water in a bath is much cooler. While moving through the long channel it cools down to 37-43 °C. This temperature is perfect for cool winter days. This hot spring is also rich with minerals. Containing lots of calcium, iron and magnesium it heals aching muscles and relaxes the whole body. All the visitors can enjoy the stunning desert view from two concrete pools or eight vintage bathtubs.

The tubs are located higher than pools and are perfect for enjoying the landscape of the valley bellow as well as being an ideal place for stargazing at night. Every day the tubs are washed and filled with fresh water, while pools are washed and refilled once or twice per week. The water from the pools and tubs flows to 5 tropical fish ponds, where you can watch various exotic tropical fish year round.

For a few days in July, this place turns into a huge party location. Mystic Hot Springs Festival is an annual four days event full of music, art and tub soaking while watching the fireworks and listening to the live music.

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