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Hot Springs and Waterfalls of Ranomafana National Park

A freshly cut bamboo branch is enough to lure a golden bamboo lemur closer


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Ranomafana National Park is known for its tropical rainforests, humid climate, hot mountain streams and waterfalls. The name of the park speaks for itself: “ranomafana” literally means “hot water”. This reserve was created after an endangered golden bamboo lemur was spotted within the area. This animal consumes about 500 grammes of bamboo every day. The number of this lemur species in Madagascar is declining and nowadays there are just a 1000 of them left. Females give birth to a single baby once a year. Lemurs will like your company if you treat them with a freshly cut bamboo branch. Another rare lemur species is called aye-aye, a nocturnal lemur with a distinctly longer middle finger. Due to its weird appearance it bears a status of the world’s creepiest animal. Moreover, Malagasy call it a devil lemur, that sneaks up to humans and pricks their eyes out with its middle finger. In fact long middle fingers are necessary for lemurs to get larvae which hide in the trunks of trees.

Overall, the park has 12 lemur species, 90 species of butterflies, 120 frogs, 350 spiders, 115 birds, also chameleons, fishes and crayfishes. Speaking of its fauna, the park offers numerous orchids, palm trees and even carnivorous plants. The area is inhabited with non-aquatic leeches, thus clothes should cover up your limbs in order to prevent you from getting bitten by a leech. The best time to explore Malagasy rainforest is between October and November, since it's known as the breeding season of lemurs and other animals as well as birds who are specially vocal in that time.

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