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Explore Wildlife in the Ream National Park in Cambodia

Peace and tranquility will get under your skin once you find yourself in the Ream National Park

Explore Wildlife in the Ream National Park
Explore Wildlife in the Ream National Park
Explore Wildlife in the Ream National Park
Explore Wildlife in the Ream National Park
Explore Wildlife in the Ream National Park
Explore Wildlife in the Ream National Park

Ream National Park in Cambodia is a highlight for nature lovers. The park consists of tropical jungles, mangrove forests, beaches and over 150 species of birds as well as a variety of monkeys, including gibbons and macaques. You can take a boat trip through mangrove channels that stretch to the Gulf of Thailand and pass by magnificent waterfalls. So better come during the wet season, when the level of water is high but keep in mind that towards the end of rain season it might get flooded. So the best period is May–July. Stay longer at one of the Islands and listen to the splash of waves on​ the beaches or hike into the mountains.​

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Ream National Park for wildlife spotting?

To optimize your chances of seeing wildlife in Ream National Park, the wet season from May to July is preferable. This season is characterized by high water levels in the mangrove channels, which makes for an excellent opportunity to enjoy a riverboat ride. On this ride, you're bound to spot gibbons, macaques, and over 150 bird species, among other fauna. Show more

What kind of wildlife can I see in Ream National Park?

Ream National Park is renowned for its diverse flora and fauna, including rare and endangered species. The park boasts over 150 bird species, numerous monkeys such as gibbons and macaques, and even fishing cats and Dholes. In addition, tourists can witness snakes, mud crabs, and fiddler crabs in the mangrove swamps as well as over 60 different butterfly species throughout the park. Show more

Where can I take boat rides to explore the mangrove channels in Ream National Park?

A boat ride to explore the mangrove channels can be accessed from the nearby fishing village near the entrance of Ream National Park. The boat trip is approximately 45 minutes long, assuring a lovely view of mangrove forests and wildlife. Additionally, you get a glimpse of the rural community's routine activities from the waterways. Endeavor to remain cautious throughout the tour, especially when passing through low mangroves. Ensure all appendages are under the boat's edge for safety. Show more

What activities can I do in Ream National Park apart from spotting wildlife?

Ream National Park also has options for visitors besides wildlife observation. The park has pristine beaches perfect for relaxing, hiking trails to the park's mountains, and beautiful coastal views. There's an opportunity to engage with the inhabitants of the local fishing village and learn about their way of life. Visitors can also kayak through the mangrove channels to immerse themselves in the enchanting ecosystem. Show more

Are there any safety precautions I should keep in mind while exploring Ream National Park?

Safety is paramount when exploring Ream National Park. As a precaution, try not to provoke wild animals, especially monkeys who can be quite aggressive. Wear comfortable walking shoes and only traverse designated pathways to prevent slipping. While the park has no restaurants, it's wise to carry adequate food, water, and stay alert to weather conditions. To make the most of your experience, follow guidelines from your tour guide or park rangers. Show more

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