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Aigüestortes National Park Winter Activities in Spain

Great winter activities such as dog sledding and snow biking through pristine forests are available in the one and only national park of Catalonia

Best time: November–April

Aigüestortes National Park Winter Activities
Aigüestortes National Park Winter Activities
Aigüestortes National Park Winter Activities
Aigüestortes National Park Winter Activities
Aigüestortes National Park Winter Activities

Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici Lake National Park is a beautiful natural site located in the mountainous heart of the Pyrenees. Human settlement of the Pyrenees dates back as far as the period of glacial melting, but the history of the park begins in 1955.

Summer hiking or cycling through the park are very popular here, but some of the most interesting activities await visitors in the winter. You will have the chance to try snowshoeing, dog sledging, snow biking, winter hiking, and cross-country skiing. Snow can stay until summer, so there is plenty of time to discover winter forests, explore unspoiled environments, and enjoy the freedom of winter in the mountains. These activities are possible for any age and physical condition.

The season for winter activities lasts from November well into April. Occasionally due to unfavourable ice and snow conditions, the park's entrances and some roads may be closed.

Practical info

What activities can visitors enjoy in the winter months in Aigüestortes National Park?

During winter months, visitors can indulge in diverse activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snow biking, dog sledding, and winter hiking. Experiencing the unblemished wilderness of the Pyrenees surrounded by snow-filled forests is the charm of these activities. Whether it's the thrill of snow biking or the tranquility of snowshoeing, visitors have plenty of activities to keep themselves engaged with. Show more

When is the ideal time to visit the park for winter activities?

If you're looking for an ideal time to visit Aigüestortes National Park for winter activities, the period from November to April is it. The glory of winter persists in the park until the summer months. So, visitors have ample time to explore the serenity of winter forests and savor the winter activities. Note that the entrances to the park and some paths may remain closed intermittently during harsh weather conditions. Show more

What are the options for sledding activities in the park?

Aigüestortes National Park offers dog sledding as an exciting and unparalleled experience. Sled dogs are trained to pull sledges through the snow-filled woods, taking visitors on an unforgettable ride surrounded by gorgeous Pyrenees. It’s an excellent way to explore the highlights of the forest while having a blast. Show more

Is there an age restriction on winter activities in Aigüestortes National Park?

Winter activities available in Aigüestortes National Park do not have an age limit, meaning any and everyone can partake in these activities without any constraints. Activities can be adjusted according to individuals' capacities and disabilities, making them accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Show more

Are there any specific limitations on the hiking or cycling equipment that can be used in the park?

While Aigüestortes National Park does not impose any particular restrictions on the winter hiking or cycling gear, visitors should keep in mind the weather conditions, dressing in warm and comfortable clothing. Winter boots, gloves, jackets, and hats are necessary for warmth. Besides, visitors are required to carry equipment required for specific activities, be it snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc. Show more

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