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Hiking in Ojców National Park in Krakow

Krakow attracts tourists not only with its beauty and rich history but also by its natural treasures. Ojców National Park is well worth checking out!

Hiking in Ojców National Park
Hiking in Ojców National Park
Hiking in Ojców National Park

Ojcow National Park is located not far from Krakow. It takes only 30 minutes to get there by public transport. This park is well-known for its natural attractions as well as its numerous castles.

For example, the ruined Gothic castle or a better-preserved Renaissance castle at Pieskowa Skała. Both of these castles were part of a late-medieval defensive system of southwestern Poland.

This system is known as the Trail of the Eagles' Nests. The best time to hike in the park is the warm season, but if you don't mind the cold you can try it during the low season when the park is almost empty.

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When is the best time to go hiking at Ojców National Park?

The prime time for hiking at Ojców National Park is from April to November when the climate is amicable and more predictable. During November to March, which is the low season, the park receives significantly less tourism traffic. This might be a great opportunity for those who do not mind the cold weather and are looking to relish the natural beauty of the park in serenity. Show more

How can I travel from Krakow to Ojców National Park?

It is relatively easy to reach Ojców National Park from Krakow. The simplest and most economical way to get there is by taking a public bus from the major bus station in Krakow. There are buses numbered 217 or 218 that will get you to the park in roughly 30 minutes. Alternatively, one can rent a car or hire a taxi. Keep in mind, though, that parking in proximity to the park might turn out to be difficult during peak season. Show more

What are some natural landmarks in Ojców National Park apart from castles?

Other than the castles, Ojców National Park encompasses several natural landmarks such as limestone rocks, underground rivers, cliffs, and caves. Notably, the park's natural beauty is encapsulated by the Ojców Gate, Hercules Club, and Three Crowns, which are among the most frequently photographed spots inside the park. A visit to these landmarks will be rewarding as they are emblematic and unique representations of the park's natural beauty. Show more

What are the options for lodging near Ojców National Park?

A range of accommodation options are available near Ojców National Park, catering to varying budgets. The popular choices are quaint guesthouses that offer cozy quarters and a comfortable ambiance. Ojców Castle is a lodging option inside the park, offering picturesque views and a unique experience. Travelers can also choose to stay in Krakow and take a day trip to the park. Show more

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