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Krakow Honey Harvest & Bee-Keepers Festival 2020

Did you know that bees can recognize human faces and have their own personalities? Bee-keeping festival is a perfect chance to discover more about the masters of honey


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The Krakow Honey Harvest and Bee-keeping Festival is held every year during the first weekend of September on Plac Wolnica, a nice square located in the old Kazimierz district.

Krakow Honey Harvest & Bee-Keepers Festival in Krakow - Best Season 2020

Guests of the festival have a chance to taste different kinds of honey and to find amazing handcrafted products made from beeswax.

Live folk performances, contests, exhibitions of beekeeping equipment, informative events, and the ability to talk with those who know everything about bees and their habits make the festival charming and informative.

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Do not miss a chance to take part in the sweetest festival of Krakow.

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