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Carro Matto—New Wine Feast 2022

Florentines salute “crazy cart” carrying the first 2000 bottles of new wine with much ceremonial

Dates: September 24, 2022

Carro Matto—New Wine Feast

On the last Saturday of September visitors are exposed to a spectacular view of the Carro Matto or “crazy cart” loaded with more than 2000 bottles of new wine which are arranged into a pyramid. The cart is pulled by a pair of white oxen. It is a magnificent demonstration which involves performers dressed in historical costumes, drummers, flag throwers and a cannon. The parade makes its way from Piazza del Duomo through Piazza della Signoria..

The blessing of the wine takes place in front of the Church of San Carlo, then the mayor and other city’s authorities receive the first bottles. The cart comes to Florence from Chianti Rufina, the area where wine is produced. This tradition was established centuries ago. The bottles used to be made in Florence, whereas wine was made in the countryside. The cart with empty bottles was sent to the wineyards where they were filled with new wine and then the cart returned to Florence, which cheered the first wine harvest.

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