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Best time of year to visit Rome

Warm and not too crowded periods from April to June and from late September to October are the best time to visit Rome. Foodies will be in a total delight, as spring offers unbelievable Fiori di Zucca and autumn—famous Castagnaccio. Summer is not summer without tasty gelato, as June to August time shows torturous heat and humidity with a lot of shops and hotels closed in the last summer weeks. Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter are usually busy with people keen to visit Vatican and St. Peter's Cathedral. During winter, most Roman attractions go on short hours, and many beach destinations turn into ghost towns. Even though it gets much colder, you can always observe incredible winter sunsets and take advantage of shorter queues to Rome's major attractions.



April–September • food

Don't jump to say you dislike ice-cream until you've been to Roman gelateria—these recipes have lived through centuries

Roman Pasta

All year • food

Don't hesitate to try Rome's world-famous pasta. Bucatini all’amatriciana, spaghetti alla carbonara, tagliatelle cacio e pepe—these are a must!

Secret Keyhole in Aventino

June–September • activity

Did you know that ancient Rome was built on seven hills? One of them has a secret to be discovered

Bougainvillea Bloom

June–September • nature

Rome's streets become even more romantic when houses are covered by vibrant bougainvillea in bloom

Fiori di Zucca

May–August • food

Have you ever tried zucchini flowers? Romans first stuff them with cheese and anchovies​ and then fry them!

Beach Season

May–September • activity

When in Rome no need to fret that the Mediterranean is too far as there are still a few decent seaside resorts nearby

Vespa Scooter Tours

June–August • activity

Ever dream of riding like the wind with an Italian beau or belle? The teenage dream can come true!

Flea Markets

all year round • activity

Get ready to hunt and maybe you'll be lucky to find something precious

Roses at Roseto Comunale

May–mid-June • nature

Fond of roses? Check out endless rows of these flowery shrubs along the Roseto Comunale park

Caffè Freddo or Iced Coffee

June–August • food

If you don't like coffee and a croissant for breakfast you might starve in Rome

Poppies at the Roman Forum

May–June • nature

The funeral altar of Julius Caesar, the Arc of Titus, and other ancient temple ruins—all grand monuments, surrounded by bright red flowers


November–February (all year round) • activity

Outsmart the crowds, while visiting top attraction of the city

Roma Tomatoes

June–September • food

Romans cook these sweet, acidic, and pectin-rich tomatoes rather than eat them raw, but you are welcome to do as yo​u please!

Vatican Museums (Musei Vaticani)

late November–February (all year round) • activity

Over the centuries, Popes have gathered the world's most outstanding collection of art treasures

Strawberry Season

May–June • activity

Don't miss the chance to try the best Italian wild strawberries


Winter Sunsets

December–February • activity

Heard a lot about Rome's beautiful architecture? This city's Baroque masterpieces look especially charming during winter sunsets

Natale di Roma or Rome's Birthday

April 21, 2018 • event

This spectacle of parades, fireworks, open museums, and exclusive natural illumination happens just once a year during Rome's birthday party

Roman Artichokes

late February–May • food

A great complement to​ Italian pizza, pasta, and Easter food. Try artichokes prepared in both Jewish and authentic Roman styles

Carnevale di Roma

February 05, 2019 • event

Rome's famous piazzas turn into open-air theatres, that amuse visitors with masks, costumes, and comedy

Roman Catacombs Offseason

November–April • activity

A part of Rome's dark history lies deep underground in its catacombs and crypts


September–November • food

When on the lookout for something sweet, help yourself to a slice of chestnut cake

Wisteria in Bloom

April • nature

Rome is considerably more purple during wisteria blooming season


August–October • food

A glass of white Frascati wine will turn you back two thousand years

Starling Murmuration

November–February • nature

A few millions of birds over the city—a fanciful natural phenomenon to observe, and also a poopocalypse for the city's utility services

Maratona di Roma (Rome Marathon)

April 07, 2019 • event

Rome hosts one of world's most scenic marathons

Settimana Santa (Holy Week) & Easter

April 14–21, 2019 • event

When the question is where to travel for Easter, the cradle of Christianity is certainly a top destination!

La Befana (Epiphany)

January 05–January 06 • event

Have you ever received a present from La Befana? Keep an eye out for the Italian female equivalent of Santa Claus!

Puntarelle alla Romana

March–May • food

This salad is a truly Roman dish and can be found only in a few settlements in southern Italy

Easter Food

April 21, 2019 • food

You make know Easter bread and Italian panettone but how about trying dove cake or a rustic pizza?

Risotto ai Funghi Porcini

September–November • food

Mushrooms make for a unique taste and perfectly complement the rice in this dish

Ice Skating

mid-December–February • activity

The best winter ice rinks around Rome