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Best time to go to Rome

Settimana Santa (Holy Week) & Easter 2023

When the question is where to travel for Easter, the cradle of Christianity is certainly a top destination!

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Hundreds of thousands of Roman Catholics and representatives of other denominations gather in St Peter's Square in Vatican City for holy masses led by the Pope. The admission is free, but due to the large flow of people, it's advisable to arrive long beforehand to find free space in the square.

The most popular events include the Palm Sunday mass​, Holy Thursday mass, and Easter Sunday mass​ of course. Other widely-visited, Pope-led events outside the Vatican include Papal Masses in St. John Lateran Basilica, and the Cross Procession that kicks off near the Roman Colosseum and winds its way to the Palatine and Forum.

Maundy Thursday services end with the Eucharist being placed at the sepulchre, a specially decorated altar. This ceremony is dedicated to Jesus' prayerful vigil on that night preceding crucifixion. Many visitors try togo to as many churches as they can on Thursday, to see many different decorated sepulchres all over the city decorated with beautiful flowers and risch tapestry.

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