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Corpus Christi 2024 in Valencia

Joining this colorful parade is a great way to get to know Spanish traditions and customs

Dates: June 19, 2025

Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi

Feast of Corpus Christi, celebrated on the 60th day after Easter Sunday, stands as one of the most significant religious observances globally, following closely behind Christmas and Easter. Originating in 1263, this festivity holds deep historical and cultural roots, particularly in Valencia, where it is marked with grandeur and fervor. The streets of Valencia come alive with music, dance, and pageantry. Attendees are invited to witness and partake in a cultural extravaganza that transcends religious boundaries, fostering unity and joy among all participating.

Program Highlights

The Sunday Corpus Program unfolds with a rich tapestry of events, beginning with the Cabalgata del Convite, a mounted parade featuring El Capellá de les Roques, a revered figure symbolizing the church's invitation to participate in the festivities. Amidst cheers from the crowd, traditional allegorical dances such as 'La Moma i els Momos' portray the eternal struggle between virtues and vices. Accompanying these dances are rituals like the Dance of the "Nanos" and the "Gegants," dating back to 1588, illustrating faith's diverse manifestations. La Poalà, along Caballeros and Avellanas streets, adds a playful touch as revelers engage in a lighthearted water fight, throwing buckets of water over themselves.

Carriages Parade

As the day progresses, the Carriages Parade showcases elaborately decorated mobile stages, each hosting performances of biblical plays known as Els Misteris. These wooden structures, crafted in the form of ancient boats adorned with sculptures depicting biblical figures, serve as moving tributes to religious narratives.

Solemn Procession

The pinnacle of the celebration arrives with the Solemn Procession at 7 pm, commencing from the Cathedral of Valencia. Led by the Senyera and flanked by Les Banderoles, this procession boasts a colorful array of characters from both the Old and New Testaments. Central to the spectacle is the Custodia, a majestic Monstrance escorted by a squad from the army, symbolizing the festival's reverence for the Eucharist.

The Sacrament of the Eucharist

Referred to as the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, the Corpus Christi celebration pays homage to the belief in the true presence of Jesus Christ under the forms of bread and wine. According to Catholic doctrine, this presence occurs through transubstantiation, a term used to describe the change of substance that takes place during the consecration of the Mass. During this sacred moment, the priest utters: "This is My Body" and "This is the chalice of My Blood" (the words spoken by Christ Himself), commanding his followers to commemorate him in this manner.

Celebrations Across the Region

Corpus Christi celebrations have flourished for centuries across the region, beyond the borders of Valencia city. From the Traslado de las Rocas to the Misteris performances, each town and city imbues the festivities with its unique blend of religious, cultural, and festive elements. Whether it's the grand processional parades or the intimate rituals steeped in tradition, Corpus Christi serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of faith and community.


Since its inception in the 14th century, Corpus Christi has been a significant religious celebration. Originating from a proclamation by the Council of Vienna in 1311, it was adopted in Valencia in 1328, with the first grand procession taking place in 1372. Despite interruptions, it regained prominence under Cardinal Jaime of Aragón. The festival symbolizes unity among social classes, with ecclesiastical, civil, and social representatives participating. Notable figures, including monarchs and pontiffs, have attended, elevating its importance. Despite challenges, like the confiscation of Mendizábal in 1836 and limitations during the Second Republic, the festival endures, embodying Valencia's cultural and religious heritage.

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