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Trekking in Ibiza

late April–early October • activity

Ibiza's natural paths wind through green forests, white beaches, small villages, and hidden coves

Secret Cave Raves

April–October • event

Only a truly patient explorer can find the secret cave party

The Zoo Project

June 16–September 29, 2018 • event

Come to the zoo party and unleash the wild animal inside us all

Festival of Sant Joan

June 21–June 24 • event

Traditional festivals are not numerous on Ibiza, so occasions such as the fiery summer welcoming during the Sant Joan holiday is not to be missed

Typical Mediterranean Food

April–October • food

Traditional Mediterranean foods are served in over 20 specialized restaurants in Ibiza

Flyboarding with Dreamboats

June–August • activity

A brand-new water sport allows people to walk on water, swim like a dolphin, and fly above the water

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing

May–August • activity

Great waves and warm waters make for an unforgettable surfing experience in Ibiza

Ball Pagès: Traditional Ibizan Folk Dance

May–October (Thursdays & Fridays) • activity

Ibiza also has its age old traditions which may today be experienced through folk dances performed by costumed dancers

Ibiza Spray

May 27, 2018 | June 24, 2018 | July 29, 2018 | August 26, 2018 | September 30, 2018 • event

Ocean Beach floods in champagne and music at the Ibiza Spray parties

Yachting around Ibiza

May–September • activity

Who can imagine a high-quality Mediterranean vacation without a luxurious voyage along Ibiza's coastline on a yacht?

Take off Ibiza with Parasailing

May–October • activity

Effortless floating above the sea during golden sunsets is a nice way to delight in Ibiza's San Antonio Bay

Mountain Biking

early April–late October • activity

Ibiza's cycling services provide the riders with top-notch bikes and skilled guides who will lead you through the best local natural trails

Fig Season

July–August • food

Ripe figs please with their sweetness and moisture

Surf Lounge Ibiza

late March–early October • activity

Try your hand at surfing on the artificial waves produced by a unique Flowrider machine

Diving in Ibiza

April–October • activity

Over a hundred diving sites with a variety of Mediterranean underwater wonders will fulfill the dreams of even the most demanding divers


May–September • activity

Try to catch an Ibizan tuna while drifting amidst the reefs of San Antonio Bay


May–September • food

Stuffed with olives and stewed in wine, squid is a classic Mediterranean delicacy

Flowers in Bloom

July–early September  • nature

Delicate petals of bougainvillea, oleander, hibiscus and other flowers are not afraid of the hot Ibizan sun

Boat Excursions around Ibiza

May–late October • activity

Healing azure waters, the hot Spanish sun, and beautiful views help you restore strength during the day, so at night you are ready to party again

Air Zone Ibiza

March–September • activity

Head over heels, heels over head, head over heels, heels over head and again and again—a good shake for your mind and body

Slingshot Ibiza

May–mid-October • activity

Your stomach may drop as you are hurled up and down in a huge catapult


Semana Santa and Easter

March 29–April 05, 2018 • event

The marching with the pointed hoods carrying the Holy Statues above must be the most expressive part of the festivities preceding​ Easter

Wine Season and St. Mateu

December–February • food

Raise your hand if you don't like free wine? St. Mateu offers a wine fair not to be missed

Almond Blossoms

January–mid-February • nature

The valley of Santa Ines revels in a spring tenderness of white fluffy Almond blossoms

Hierbas Ibicencas

April–May • food

Half-medicine and half-alcoholic, this beverage is an obligatory item found in the pantries of practically every household in Ibiza

Shades of Green

October–December • nature

Ibiza shows off with the greenness of its pine forests, rich colours of abundant flowers, and sweet scents of citrus trees

Ibiza Opening Parties

late May • event

Dancefloors are overtaken by partying folk as the clubbing capital wakes up after its winter sleep

Ibiza Closing Parties

late September–mid-October • event

Club music fanatics party till their last breath as the clubbing season comes to the end

Captured Festival

September 09, 2018 • event

Submerge into trance vibrations at the only outdoor trance music festival in Ibiza

Christmas Cliff Jumping

December  • activity

Bring your Christmas outfit and festive mood and join the group of jolly Santas jumping from the cliffs

Energy Week Ibiza

October 20–26, 2018 • event

After the fatiguing summer clubbing, milder October offers a chance to regain one's spiritual balance through holistic activities

Medieval Festival Ibiza

May 10–13, 2018 • event

This medieval festival, particularly the wall-dancing performances, offers the greatest occasion to experience Ibizan cultural legacy to its fullest

BBC Radio 1 Weekend

August 03–05, 2018 • event

The peak of Ibiza's disco whirlpool is BBC Radio 1 Weekend

F*** Me I'm Famous

June 01–October 05, 2017 • event

The king of club music sets the rhythm for summer partying in the clubbing capital of Europe

Olives and Olive Oil

November–December • food

The olive oil festival is the best occasion to observe the centuries-old methods of olive oil production and indulge oneself with oil-flavoured delights

DJ Awards Ibiza

September 26, 2017 • event

The only international ceremony of this kind celebrates the most talented DJs who shape electronic music trends across the globe