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Flamingoes in Ses Salines Natural Park

Meet the most remarkable bird of the park


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The Ses Salines Natural Park in the south of Ibiza is a must-visit destination for the whole family. Home to unique flora and fauna, it carries much esthetic and historical value. For hundreds of years, it has been the site of salt production, which formed an exceptional scenery where plenty of birds nest during migrations. This magical place has been operating as a nature preserve since 1995, covering around 37,066 ac (15,000 ha). Visitors get enchanted by the vibrant colors of the pools: emerald, pink, purple, and turquoise. The colors reveal themselves due to the various phases of salt evaporation.

Among the main attractions of Ses Salines Natural Park are the nesting birds. The flamingo or 'flamenco' in Spanish is the most popular species in the park. Hundreds of these delicate long-legged birds head to Ibiza between July and October. It is also possible to spot flamingoes during winter, from February through May. So pack your binoculars and recharge your cameras. This unbelievable show shouldn't be forgotten.

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