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Migrant Birds in Faroe Islands

Go see the most amazing birds in the world and surround yourself with the very distinct sounds of their songs

Migrant Birds
Migrant Birds
Migrant Birds

The fascinating relationships between the Faroe and birds have always been one of the trademarks of the little archipelago. There are around 250 species (including vagrants during the last 150 years) recorded on Faroes, including such birds as fulmar, puffin, storm petrel, black-legged kittiwake, guillemot and manx shearwater.

One of the best spot to watch puffins is Mykines island.

The period of late spring to late summer is specifically suitable for the bird admiration since most of them hang out on the treeless landscapes of the Islands. You should also try to wake up earlier and come see them around 6 in the morning ​when the chances are to hear them singing more than usual.

A really particular place to see the birds in their finest moments is Vestmanna cliffs on the Streymoy island. Having fjords and cliffs nearby, the birds that float and fly around give out the incredible sound that fills in everything around you. Can you imagine anything more captivating?

Practical info

When is the Faroe Islands' best bird-watching time?

The most preferred time to watch Faroe Island birds is between May and the mid-August spot. During this season, several bird species such as guillemot, fulmar, and puffins flock to family farms, coastlines, and island landscapes. The watching experience gets better if you wake up early enough to enjoy their melodious songs. Show more

What area is the spot to check Faroe puffins?

Mykines Island is the prime area to observe puffins in Faroe. This island is precisely located in the west of the Faroe archipelago. Puffins usually fly, rest, and nest on various parts, with the best site being the hill area close to the lighthouse. A set of binoculars will give you a closer view of the beautiful birds. Show more

Apart from puffins, what other bird species thrive in the Faroe Islands?

Faroe Islands comprise around 250 vagrant and residential bird species. Some of the birds that inhabit these islands include manx shearwater, storm petrel, guillemot, fulmar, and black-legged kittiwake, among others. This varied bird species population is a fantastic opportunity to get the best of the breathtaking views and relaxing ambiance on Faroe Islands. Show more

What is the best time to hear birds sing on Faroe islands?

The onset of the day at around 6:00 a.m. is ideal for hearing the sweet sounds of the birds in the Faroe Islands. It is an active moment for birds such as puffins, which are livelier and more expressive at this time. For a peaceful and enjoyable environment, wake up early and enjoy the different birds singing around you. Show more

What makes Vestmanna cliffs an attraction among the Faroe Islands' bird-watching spots?

Vestmanna cliffs are an attraction and unique among other birds watching spots in Faroe Islands. Its location near fjords provides visitors with a unique experience of birds flying and hovering around cliffs, resulting in a slow-motion effect. The experience, accompanied by lovely singing sounds, is one to remember and adds value to visiting the beautiful Faroe Islands. Show more

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