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Northern Lights in Faroe Islands

See aurora borealis on Faroes in the gloomy winter days to omit touristic seasons and witness the best views

Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Northern lights on the Faroe Islands are a rare fantastic phenomenon you can experience if you are lucky enough. Northern lights or aurora borealis show up mostly during the winter. Still, it cannot be guaranteed to be observable in any part of the islands, since the weather during the winter usually varies. Meaning, the northern lights often depend on clear skies. So keep a sharp eye on the weather forecast for the evenings or nights. Anyway, no reason to furrow your brows, as the trip can be supplemented with many exciting nature-based experiences on the Faroe Islands.

Though not a lot of tourists travel to such distant places as the Faroe Islands in the winter, February may very well be the perfect time to see the polar lights. Moreover, the hotels are mostly vacant, with plenty of options in bookings along with other good offers. During this time, the nights are the longest, and the sky is the darkest, which makes it an ideal combination.


If you like to increase the prospects of witnessing polar lights, it makes sense to leave big towns as city lights can block the miracle, so if you happen to wind down in Torshavn, drive straight up 12 mi (20 km) to Sornfelli, a mountain plateau of Streymoy island. The view from there will definitely take your breath away.

Viðareiði & Hvannasund

If you prefer the northern islands, head to the northern part of the country. The coastal settlement of Viðareiði or a village of Hvannasund hits the spot perfectly. Stay in there until you witness the pure magic.

The magnificent magic landscape is sure to enhance the experience you get, and we can promise you—the surprise of receiving a tourist in February on people's faces may be worth a lot!

Practical info

When is it optimal to see the Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands?

Late September through early March is deemed to be the best time to observe the Northern Lights in the Faroe Islands. There are no assurances, and unclouded skies are essential to perceive the aurora. February is an excellent month to view the Northern Lights, with lengthy and dark nights. Show more

What's the ideal location to watch the Northern Lights on the Faroe Islands?

Coastal areas in the northern part of the country are the best place to witness the Northern Lights on the Faroe Islands. Viðareiði or Hvannasund are excellent settlements for perceiving the aurora. Visitors can also travel to Sornfelli, a mountainous plateau on the Streymoy island, providing an incredible view of the Faroe Islands. Show more

What are the determinants of the visibility of Northern Lights on the Faroe Islands?

Clear skies, space weather, and city lights are some factors that affect the visibility of the Northern Lights on the Faroe Islands. Unobstructed skies are vital for perceiving the aurora, and urban lights can impact the visibility. Tourists should check the weather forecast and space weather predictions to augment their chances of seeing the Northern Lights. Show more

How can travelers enhance their odds of sighting the Northern Lights on the Faroe Islands?

Tourists should avoid metropolises and venture to areas outside towns to avoid disruptions caused by city lights, enhancing their likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights. Visitors should also review the weather and space weather forecasts before scheduling their trip. February is an excellent period to witness the Northern Lights, with lengthy and dark nights. Show more

Apart from the Northern Lights, what other natural attractions can folks enjoy in the Faroe Islands during winter?

Apart from experiencing the Northern Lights, tourists can enjoy other winter festivities in the Faroe Islands. Winter events like Ólavsøka and Christmas Markets offer a range of activities. Hiking, fishing, and birdwatching are among the several winter activities available to tourists. During winter months, visitors can experience traditional Faroese cuisine and wander the picturesque landscapes. Show more

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