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Best time to travel to Maine

Northern Lights

Anyone who has ever witnessed Aurora Borealis in Maine can tell you a story of an unbelievable beauty

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While the list of things we adore about Maine’s northern position is long, one of the most amazing benefits is the opportunity to view the northern lights. The further north you go, the better your chances are of seeing the aurora borealis in Maine.

Best time to view northern lights

‘Aurora season’ comes across the northern hemisphere as soon as the autumnal equinox has passed. The fall weather can be pretty dynamic in Maine, so if you’re trying to plan an aurora-hunting journey in the heat of the fall, check the forecast ahead. The long period from December to February is the best time to see the northern lights in Maine. Longer days and shorter nights in the spring make viewing aurora borealis more challenging but still possible.

Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge

Situated on the USA and Canada border, around 250 kilometers north of Bangor, Aroostook County is scarcely populated, so there’s almost no light pollution to block your aurora savoring. Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge is the right place to set up your camp, as it encompasses more than 5,189 ac (2,100 ha) of wetlands, grasslands, and forests. Crisp, clear winter nights suit best for aurora viewing in Aroostook. Sightings there are possible in the spring and fall when magnetic storm activity is the most powerful.

Caribou-Speckled Mountain Wilderness

If you are lucky enough, you will witness the unforgettable light display at Caribou-Speckled Mountain Wilderness. It is managed by White Mountain National Forest and comprises fantastic Speckled Mountain and Caribou Mountain. To see where and when the polar lights are most visible, check out the forecast.

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