Best time to travel to New Hampshire

Northern Lights in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is blessed with a couple of spots to glare at mindbending aurora borealis

Traveling to New Hampshire means experiencing the Northern climate on a regular basis. This climate brings about rough winters and chilly water by the coast, even in the hit of a warm summer. However, this climate also has some amazing benefits, such as marveling at the polar lights if you’re in the right place at the right time.

Best time to see Northern Lights

Weather is an obvious factor. The northern lights are easier to see during clear skies and in the presence of cold crisp air. Yes, this means that the chances of catching them are higher in winter, but certainly not impossible during the warmer months. As a matter of fact, most of the photos on this page were taken during spring or fall.

Best places to view northern lights

Being a place with zero light pollution, Mount Washington is considered to be the best place to witness the northern lights in New Hampshire. Its summit offers an amazing view, along with almost complete darkness. Under suitable conditions, after the sun sets, you'll be able to see faint signs of light dancing in the sky, intensifying to clear greens and blues and sometimes even pinks and purples. The lights display continues until the sun comes up, making this experience feel just like a dream. Forecasts are always there for you to see where and when the polar lights are most visible.

You can also visit Moore Dam or Lake Winnipesaukee to admire aurora borealis at its best.

Practical info

What is the best time to witness the Northern Lights in New Hampshire?

Viewing the Northern Lights in New Hampshire is best between September and March due to the clear skies and cold air. These conditions lend piece to this natural wonder. However, these lights may still be visible during spring, summer or fall if ideal conditions permit. Show more

What factors affect the visibility of the Northern Lights in New Hampshire?

Several factors, such as weather conditions or the absence of light pollution, affect the visibility of the Northern Lights in New Hampshire. Optimal conditions for seeing the Northern Lights include crisp air and clear skies, which allow the faint colors to become visible. Often appearing green, blue and even pinks and purples. Show more

Where is the best location in New Hampshire to see the Northern Lights?

Mount Washington presents the best location to view the Northern Lights in New Hampshire. Visitors can see out over complete darkness, free of light pollution from the summit. Moore Dam and Lake Winnipesaukee are also noteworthy locations for the viewing of the vivid aurora borealis colors. Show more

Can the Northern Lights be visible during the warm months in New Hampshire?

While the primary time to see the Northern Lights in New Hampshire is between September and March, optimal conditions may still arise during the warmer seasons. Photos show sightings taken in spring and fall of the Northern Lights, so given the right conditions they can be visible year-round. Show more

Which other locations in New Hampshire are good for viewing the Northern Lights?

Moore Dam and Lake Winnipesaukee also present great options for viewing the Northern Lights in New Hampshire. With clear skies and no light pollution, the natural phenomenon can be appreciated. However, the ultimate view is from Mount Washington's summit, where darkness enhances this celestial activity. Show more

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