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Lake Winnipesaukee Fall Foliage in New Hampshire

Enjoy spectacular fall foliage at New Hampshire's biggest lake

Lake Winnipesaukee Fall Foliage
Lake Winnipesaukee Fall Foliage
Looking across the Cove, Lake Winnipesaukee

New Hampshire can boast many breathtaking spots for your fall adventure, but Lake Winnipesaukee is the most picturesque one. The largest lake in the state, it offers fairytale views with tons of red, orange, and yellow colors. The lake itself is an amazing viewing spot for enjoying the rusty and lush fall foliage. However, as you plan your trip, be sure also to visit gorgeous nearby towns of Wolfeboro, Laconia, Moultonborough, and others.

When to go

Every year differs in terms of weather, but the fall foliage season in Lake Winnipesaukee normally starts in mid-September and lasts about three to four weeks. Sometimes, you can spot the hints of the golden fairytale as early as in late August. So be sure to book your housing in advance (New Hampshire is extremely busy during fall) and have an amazing time.

Practical info

When should you plan a trip to Lake Winnipesaukee if you want to see the fall foliage?

Late September to early October is the ideal time to visit Lake Winnipesaukee for fall foliage. However, the exact timing can vary due to weather conditions. Check the forecast before planning your trip and make sure to book accommodations well in advance since New Hampshire is very busy during the fall season. Show more

What is the typical duration of the fall foliage season at Lake Winnipesaukee?

The fall foliage season at Lake Winnipesaukee typically lasts 3-4 weeks, but this can change from year to year and depends on the weather. Checking the fall foliage forecast for the current year can help you plan your trip accordingly and avoid missing the peak of the season. Show more

Where are some places to enjoy the fall foliage when visiting Lake Winnipesaukee?

Numerous locations around Lake Winnipesaukee offer stunning views of the fall foliage. You can take a boat tour for picturesque views of the lake and area. Several hiking trails offer stunning views of the surroundings. You can also tour the surrounding towns for magnificent views of the colorful leaves. Show more

Which towns near Lake Winnipesaukee offer appealing attractions during the fall season?

Wolfeboro, Laconia, and Moultonborough are must-visit towns close to Lake Winnipesaukee during the fall season. Wolfeboro features waterfront views and picturesque streets. Laconia hosts a pumpkin festival during the fall and features scenic beauty and attractions for visitors. Moultonborough offers a calm, picture-perfect atmosphere, ideal for nature walks and photography. Show more

When is the best time to book your housing for a Lake Winnipesaukee trip planned during the fall season?

When planning a fall foliage trip to Lake Winnipesaukee, it is best to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Housing options in New Hampshire can fill up quickly during the fall season, so it is recommended to book at least a few months ahead. This allows more flexibility in terms of choosing dates and accommodation preferences. Show more

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