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Skiing and Snowboarding in New Hampshire

Winter in New England means it's time to discover the White Mountains

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
The White Mountains. Taken from the Baron's Trail, which connects Cannon and Mittersill.
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The name "White Mountains" speaks for itself. A large amount of snow and considerable elevations make them one of the best ski destinations of the Northeast. Perfectly groomed trails and excellent ski facilities are meant to ensure the best skiing or snowboarding experience. For instance, Bretton Woods has been continuously praised for best grooming in the Northeast and favored by the elites of Boston and New York City for its impeccable service. The ski season for New Hampshire resorts usually runs from mid-November to mid-April. The best time with near-perfect ski conditions is usually in February when there is plenty of fresh powder. Early March is also a good time since crowds get thinner, and there is still a lot of snow.

Mount Washington ski resorts

Bretton Woods resort once hosted Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, and you can find out yourself what makes this place so special. Stop for a drink in its historical Mount Washington Hotel, take a sleigh ride through the valley, and enjoy its breathtaking views that cannot be surpassed. The resort gets 200 in (508 cm) of snow annually and is doing an excellent job polishing its 97 trails spread over 464 ac (188 ha). There are ten lifts and plenty of diversity as well as space for families and riders of all levels.

Lincoln resorts

Loon Mountain, located in Lincoln, New Hampshire, offers quintessential New England winter experience: loads of snow, excellent service and grooming, as well as a cozy ski town nearby with plenty of dining options and entertainment. The mountain is also located close to a major highway and can be reached from Boston in a bit more than two hours. With 12 lifts and 61 trails, Loon offers plenty of variety and challenges over its 370 ac (150 ha). The mountain boasts a 2,100 ft (640 m) vertical drop and the only superpipe in New Hampshire.

Skiing at Franconia Notch State Park

Cannon Mountain is the highest ski area in New Hampshire, taking riders to elevation 4,078 ft (1,243 m). It's also a more affordable option than posh resorts like Bretton Woods. Meanwhile, it can still offer a lot with ten lifts and 95 trails over 282 skiable ac (114 ha).

Practical info

When does the ski season normally begin and end for New Hampshire resorts?

Ski season for New Hampshire usually begins in mid-November and ends in mid-April. The best time to go skiing would be February, as the ski conditions are near-perfect with plenty of fresh powder. Another great time to go skiing would be in early March, when crowds are thinner and there is still sufficient snow. Show more

What is the highest ski area in New Hampshire called and what is it known for?

Cannon Mountain boasts the highest ski area in New Hampshire with an elevation of 4,078 ft (1,243 m). This well-known resort has ten lifts, 95 trails, and 282 skiable acres (114 ha) - all offered at an affordable price. Skiers can revel in a multitude of offerings without breaking the bank. Show more

What is so special about the Bretton Woods Ski Resort?

Bretton Woods Ski Resort is renowned for having the best grooming in the Northeast region, making it popular amongst elites from Boston and New York. The resort provides 97 trails covering 464 acres (188 ha), with an impressive 200 inches (508 cm) of snow annually. While skiing, you can also indulge in the breathtaking views that the historical Mount Washington Hotel offers. Show more

What are the best months to visit New Hampshire for skiing?

The two best months to visit New Hampshire for skiing are February, with near-perfect ski conditions and plenty of fresh powder, and early March, when ski crowds are less dense and snow is abundant. Nonetheless, mid-November to mid-April marks the standard ski season for New Hampshire resorts, giving skiers a wide range of options to choose from. Show more

How do Loon Mountain and Bretton Woods Ski Resort differ from each other based on the skiing experience they offer?

Both Loon Mountain and Bretton Woods Ski Resorts offer different skiing experiences. With lots of snow, great service and grooming, as well as plenty of dining and entertainment options nearby, Loon Mountain offers a quintessential New England winter experience. Bretton Woods Ski Resort, on the other hand, is popular amongst the elites due to its immaculate service, rich history, and unique views. Show more

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