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Skiing and Snowboarding in Switzerland

World famous ski resorts are not cheap but they are well worth the price

Best time: December–March

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding

It will take a few seasons to explore all of Switzerland's top skiing locales. You could start with the legendary Davos, which offers skiing for the young and fearless. No less famous is St. Moritz, which is perfect to visit in the spring. It has a mild climate and is often quite sunny. Its highest peak Corvatsch (3303 m) offers a long season and great long runs. Verbier is the third Swiss grand resort that attracts some serious international skiers. It's also known for its vibrant nightlife. There are many more places for skiers in Switzerland that are well worth exploring. Some of the​m offer all year round skiing, but the best season, of course, is winter.

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What are some recommended ski resorts to visit in Switzerland?

Switzerland has numerous ski resorts that are worth visiting. Three top ski resorts in this country are Davos, St. Moritz, and Verbier. Davos caters to adrenaline-seeking young skiers while skiers who prefer long runs and mild weather will enjoy St. Moritz. Verbier is best for those who want to pair skiing with a vibrant nightlife experience. Show more

When should I plan a ski trip to Switzerland?

Switzerland's ski season is from December until March, but the best time to travel depends on the region and current weather conditions. Spring is another option in select locales, such as St. Moritz, which provide an excellent skiing experience with breathtaking views and frequent sunny weather. Show more

Which ski resorts in Switzerland offer the longest runs?

Corvatsch in St. Moritz features an 8.6 km peak-to-base run, one of Switzerland's most exceptional experiences. Bort has a 15 km natural run to Grindelwald, and Gstaad Mountain Rides offers an 8 km run from Hornberg to the Rinderberg, both of which provide exhilarating runs for the daring skier. Show more

What is the nightlife like in Verbier?

Verbier's nightlife scene is lively, making it a popular destination for skiers. There are numerous lounge and bar options, such as Pub Mont Fort, Le Rouge Restaurant and Nightclub, and the Fer à Cheval. The Farm Club is an ideal location for live music performances and features a dance floor for its patrons. Show more

What are some budget-friendly ski resorts in Switzerland?

Locating a budget-friendly skiing destination in Switzerland is not simple but is possible. Grächen, Stoos, and Villars are relatively inexpensive skiing locations ideal for beginners, families, and visitors who desire a more relaxed skiing environment. Activities such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and ice-skating are available at some budget resorts for more enjoyment. Show more

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