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Skiing and Snowboarding in Montana

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Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Big Sky, Montana
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Montana might be harder to get to than its neighboring Utah and Colorado. However, it's definitely worth the effort. The Rocky Mountains in Montana are no less spectacular. Besides, there are no lines and fewer people on the slopes. The terrain is polished and vast, and generally, Montana is a more affordable destination. The best ski resorts can be found in the western part of Montana. The season starts in late November or early December and lasts up to mid-April. The optimal snow conditions are in February and early March.

Big Sky Resort

Big Sky, located in southwestern Montana, is the largest resort in the state and the whole region. Its size is indeed impressive! How would you like to take a six-mile run down to Mountain Village from Liberty Bowl or ski across 5,850 ac (2,370 ha) of perfectly groomed terrain? The stunning Lone Peak is a must-try. A tram will take you up to Montana's highest overlook at 11,166 ft (3,403 m). You can also get lost for weeks at Big Sky's eight terrain parks with over 100 features of all shapes and sizes.

vertical: 4,350 ft (1,325 m) area: 5,850 acres (2,370 ha) runs: 300 (easiest trails: 15%, more difficult: 25%, difficult: 60%) lifts: 38 season: late November to mid-April

Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Mountain, bordering the stunning Glacier National Park, offers picturesque views of the lakes and meadows of the Flathead Valley as well as the surrounding peaks. With 320 inches of snow (812 cm) annually, you can expect plenty of dry powder for your backcountry rides. The summit's high elevation of 6,817 ft (2,078 m) ensures a long season. Whitefish Mountain features five terrain parks that offer snowboard cross, skiercross course, and generally something for everyone. The resort is also famous for its freestyle. Check out the Big Mountain Freestyle Terrain Park that hosts numerous competitions throughout the season.

vertical: 2,353 ft (717 m) area: 3,000 acres (1200 ha) runs: 105 (easiest trails: 12%, more difficult: 38%, difficult: 50%) lifts: 14 season: early December to early April

Red Lodge Mountain

Red Lodge Mountain Ski Resort is located in the southwestern part of the state, along the eastern front of the Beartooth Mountains. The mountain is a great destination to take a break from the crowds and enjoy the breathtaking views from an elevation of 9,416 ft (2,869 km). The resort delivers world-class skiing over 1,635 ac (662 ha) for an affordable price. It also has the largest snow-making capacity in Montana, which ensures a long and stable ski season from Thanksgiving to spring.

vertical: 2,400 ft (731 m) area: 1,635 ac (662 ha) runs: 70 (easiest trails: 19%, more difficult: 25%, difficult: 55%) lifts: 7 season: late November to mid-April

Practical info

When is the best time for skiing in Montana?

Late November to mid-April is the optimal time for skiing in Montana. Montana's ski resorts have ample space and optimal snow conditions. With less crowd, an affordable destination unlike other regions, Montana offers an excellent skiing experience. Show more

What is the name of the highest point at Big Sky?

The highest point at Big Sky is known as the Lone Peak. The peak, standing at over 11,100 ft (3,400 m), is the highest overlook in Montana. Visitors can access the peak by taking a tram. With over 300 runs spread across an area of 5,850 acres (2,370 ha), Big Sky is a massive ski resort in Montana with plenty of trails to explore and suited to all skill levels. Show more

Which Montana ski resort has the most excellent snow-making facilities?

The Red Lodge Mountain Ski Resort in southwest Montana has the most magnificent snow-making capacity in Montana. It is a vast resort, offering skiing ranging from beginner level to professional. The snow-making capabilities enable the resort to open from November to spring, making it possible to ski for an extended period. Offering an affordable skiing destination for all skiers, Red Lodge Mountain Ski Resort is a top-ranked skiing location in Montana. Show more

How many terrain parks can be found in Whitefish Mountain?

Whitefish Mountain, situated on the edge of Glacier National Park, has five exciting terrain parks. The terrain parks offer thrilling snowboarding cross and ski-cross courses, and freestyle venues for all levels of expertise. The mountain spans 3,000 acres (1,200 ha) and offers 105 trails, catering to all skill levels. Averaging 320 inches (800 cm) of snowfall annually, Whitefish Mountain is a highly sought-after skiing destination with breath-taking views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. Show more

What is the annual snowfall of Whitefish Mountain?

At Whitefish Mountain, in Montana, the annual snowfall is approximately 320 inches (812 cm). With picturesque views of the Flathead Valley, Whitefish Mountain provides a landscape like no other, while the summit rises to 6,817 ft (2,078 m). The mountain offers 105 trails covering an astounding 3,000 acres (1,200 ha), complete with five terrain parks offering various exciting sports. Experienced riders with a love of backcountry rides will adore the 50% challenging, 38% more difficult and 12% easiest trails available. Show more

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