Best time to visit Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City Skiing and Snowboarding in Salt Lake City, UT

Explore world-class trails in one of North America's snowiest ski destinations

Best time: late November–mid-April (best in February)

Salt Lake City Skiing and Snowboarding
Park City Mountain
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Since the 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City has been considered one of the best winter destinations in the USA with four premium ski resorts just minutes from the airport. There are also, more world-class resorts to explore in nearby Park City.

Salt Lake City ski season generally runs from late November through mid-April. However, some resorts operate from early December through March. If you are looking for thinner crowds and lower prices, it's better to book your vacation starting in mid-January. The best snow conditions are usually expected in February.

Big Cottonwood Canyon: Brighton and Solitude

Big Cottonwood Canyon stretches from Brighton through Cottonwood Heights, ending by the Jordan River. It's one of the snowiest canyons in the United States and naturally an excellent destination for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and backcountry rides. Brighton Ski Resort lies in the center of the "Cottonwood Funnel", which is famous for having "the best snow on earth." It gets about 500 inches of powder (1,270 cm), attracting riders from all over the US with its off-piste trails. The family-friendly resort features great ski schools, and, by the way, kids ten and under can ski for free. vertical: 1,750 feet (530 m) area: 1,050 acres (425 ha) runs: 66 lifts: 6 season: late November to late April Located in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Solitude Mountain Resort offers diverse terrain that includes moguls and backcountry. It is also known to have a well-developed system of cross-country ski trails. Besides, with about 500 inches of snow (1,270 cm) annually, there's plenty of powder! vertical: 2,494 feet (760 m) area: 1,200 acres (500 ha) runs: 82 lifts: 9 season: late November to mid-April

Little Cottonwood Canyon: Snowbird and Alta

Historical Little Cottonwood Canyon lies along the Salt Lake Valley in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. It is famous for its Olympic-class Snowbird resort that features Utah's only aerial tramway, climbing the Hidden Peak. Nearby Alta resort is famous for its excellent backcountry rides, but in the 19th century, the mining town was known for its frequent saloon shootings. Snowbird Ski Resort is said to have the longest season in Utah, lasting until late May and sometimes even June! Also, don't forget to ride its unique 125-passenger tram, taking passengers to the elevation of 11,000 feet (3,352 m). The resort offers spectacular heli-skiing, night skiing, snowmobile rides, and snowcat skiing. After skiing, you can relax in 15 restaurants and enjoy spa or heated swimming pools at various lodges and hotels. vertical: 3,240 feet (988 m) area: 2,500 acres (1,01o ha) runs: 169 lifts: 26 season: late November to late May Alta Ski Resort nestled near the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon is one of the first ski resorts in the US. The resort is for skiers only and can be easily reached from Snowbird. You can actually ski at both resorts in one day. Alta is famous for the abundance of snow, great food, and the most beautiful views of the Wasatch range. vertical: 2,538 feet (774 m) area: 2,614 acres (1,058 ha) runs: 116 lifts: 17 season: late November to late April

Park City Ski Resorts

Boasting 17 towering peaks, Park City Mountain is a spectacular ski resort, which stuns with its size and high-quality services. You can spend a week here and still need more time to explore all 330 runs. It might take a while even if you ski day and night. By the way, night skiing is available at 120 trails. Quicksilver gondola takes riders to the Canyons base area, also known as Canyons at Park City, an amazing ski resort of its own. Eight terrain parks feature two halfpipes and plenty of fun terrain. vertical: 3,226 feet (983 m) area: 7,300 acres (2,950 ha) runs: 330 lifts: 43 season: late November to mid-April Deer Valley Resort is famous for its luxurious accommodation, excellent food, après-ski, as well as trails groomed to perfection. It's a perfect destination for families with on-site childcare, plenty of ski school options, and a wide choice of lodging and dining. It also offers an unbeatable skiing experience with over 100 runs, suited for every level. vertical: 3,000 feet (910 m) area: 2,026 acres (820 ha) runs: 110 lifts: 24 season: early December to mid-April

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Salt Lake City for skiing and snowboarding?

Late November to mid-April is the ideal time for skiing and snowboarding in Salt Lake City. Mid-January is less crowded and more affordable. If you want the best snow conditions, February is the month to go. Snowbird Ski Resort has the longest season among Utah resorts, running till late May or early June. Show more

Where can I find the best snowboarding trails in Salt Lake City?

If you're looking for amazing snowboarding trails Salt Lake City, the top choice is Brighton Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, renowned for its fantastic powder and off-piste runs. With about 500 inches of snowfall annually, it’s a mecca for snowboarders. Solitude Mountain is another option that boasts a network of cross-country ski paths, challenging backcountry terrains, and mogul fields. Show more

What unique features does Snowbird Ski Resort have that make it stand out from other resorts in Salt Lake City?

Snowbird Ski Resort has several unique features that distinguish it from other Salt Lake City resorts. Exploring Hidden Peak via the only aerial tramway in Utah is an unforgettable experience. The resort also offers night skiing, spectacular heli-skiing, snowcat skiing, and snowmobile rides. It enjoys the lengthiest season in Utah, ending in May or June. Show more

How many terrain parks can I find at Park City Mountain Resort?

Park City Mountain Resort features an impressive eight terrain parks boasting two halfpipes and diverse, fun terrains. With 330 runs embracing 17 peaks, there is something for everyone regardless of skill level. You can also ski at night on 120 trails. Quicksilver gondola takes skiers to the Canyons base area, also known as Canyons at Park City, an excellent ski resort in its own right. Show more

Are there other activities to do in Salt Lake City besides skiing and snowboarding?

Salt Lake City offers a wealth of activities beyond skiing and snowboarding, from visiting museums, such as the Natural History Museum of Utah or Utah Museum of Fine Arts, to exploring Park City or Red Butte Garden. Don't miss the opportunity to take a dip in the Great Salt Lake. Downtown Salt Lake City teems with a variety of nightlife options, including superb restaurants. Show more

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