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Heliskiing and Heliboarding in Austria

Bird's eye view of the mountain tops and breathtaking downhill freeriding. Experience heliskiing and heliboarding​ in Arlberg

Heliskiing and Heliboarding
Heliskiing and Heliboarding

Freeride in Austria is a bucket list adventure for an experienced skier or boarder. A helicopter allows riders to reach unbelievable heights and locations that are inaccessible otherwise. The flight itself is a great experience due to the breathtaking​ views. Freeride and heliskiing require certain skills so it suits only experienced riders. Heliskiing is only available in a few places, carefully chosen by professional and highly skilled guides to minimize the risks. This allows skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the natural environment and the infinite joy of heliskiing with a feeling of safety. The Arlberg region, near Zurs and Lech, is the only place where you can try it in Austria. The target slopes are the Mehlsack (8,701 ft or 2,652 m) or the Schneetäli (8,038 ft or 2,450 m). The ride takes approximately one hour, ending in the romantic valley Zug, near Lech.

When is the best time to go heliskiing

Arlberg is the largest connected ski area in Austria, which boasts great snow conditions and a long skiing and snowboarding season. The period from December through March is considered to be the most reliable in terms of snow condition. March is actually the snowiest month in the Arlberg region.

Heliskiing is dependent on the weather. Flights can be provided only under good conditions, and landing sites are limited to just a couple of locations served by highly professional crews.

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When is the best time to enjoy heliskiing in Arlberg?

The perfect time to visit Arlberg for heliskiing is during the period from December to March. The snowiest month of the year in the Arlberg region is March, which is the ideal time for this activity. But, heliskiing being a weather-dependent sport, the availability of flights depends on good weather conditions, as the landing sites are very few and are managed by professional crews. Show more

Which are the places in Austria where heliskiing can be experienced?

Heliskiing is offered only in a few carefully selected locations, where the risks are minimal, and guided by experts. In Austria, heliskiing trips can be taken in the Arlberg region, specifically near Zurs and Lech. The largest interconnected ski area in Austria is the Arlberg region which provides great snow conditions and a long skiing season, making it an ideal spot for heliskiing enthusiasts. Show more

What are the elevations of the designated slopes for heliskiing in Arlberg?

The target slopes for heliskiing in Arlberg are the Mehlsack (8,701 ft or 2,652 m) and Schneetäli (8,038 ft or 2,450 m) above sea level. It takes around one hour to make the helicopter ride, and it ends in the beautiful valley Zug, located near Lech. However, this activity is weather-dependent, and the flights can be made only on certain landing sites available in the region. Show more

What is the duration of the heliskiing ride and where does it finish?

To experience heliskiing, you need to be an experienced snowboarder or skier. The helicopter ride takes about one hour, and the activity ends in the valley Zug located near Lech. This location is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges that offer breathtaking landscapes to the visitors. You should be an expert to try this activity as it requires certain abilities to ensure a safe environment and minimize the risks involved. Show more

Can novice or intermediate skiers or snowboarders opt for heliskiing in Arlberg?

Heliskiing in Arlberg is suggested only to those who possess an adequate level of experience and skills required for the activity. The locations for heliskiing are carefully chosen by professionals based on the weather conditions to ensure minimum risks. It is not advisable for beginners to try this activity, as it requires a certain degree of expertise. This sport is ideal for experienced riders who relish the thrill while feeling safe in their environment. Show more

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