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Alpine Marmots

Meet a fluffy rodent while your hike tours in Alps


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Alpine marmot is the third large rodent after beavers and porcupines. The fur color of alpine marmots is a mixture of blonde to dark gray. Their height is 18cm and body mass changes from season to season between 3 kg in spring to 4.5 kg in late fall. Marmots are used to cold weather conditions as their habitat has 7 month long winters. This fluffy creature can be found in Alps, High Tatra, and the Pyrenees. You can likely witness it while driving through Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

Marmots spend cold winters in an underground den which is covered with dry brush. Their body fat helps them to survive long winters with little food. In May and June baby marmots are born. They are hairless and blind, thus they spend a few month with their mothers in caves. Alpine marmots are friendly and playful, but they become hostile when a stranger enters their territory. Naturally marmots avoid humans, but there are some brave, who live close to the people. Alpine marmots are protected animals all over the world.​

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