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Alpine Ibex

A proud resident of the Alps


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The Alpine ibex is a medium-sized goat, recognized because of its long backward-curving horns. Their famous horns can grow up to 100 centimeters long on male individuals and 35 centimeters on females. The Alpine ibex is a strong jumper and a strong-footed climber. They are most active during early morning and late afternoon. During midday, they lie in the shade of rocks. In the winter, they can be found at medium elevations. When the warm weather approaches, they go up ​to the highest parts of the Ötztaler Alps, following the receding snowline. There, not far from Innsbruck they spend late spring, summer, and autumn. The females and young form their own groups. Males join the groups only during the rut in December and January. A single offspring is born in May or June. ​

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