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A Kiss from an Arctic Wolf

Who taught arctic wolves to kiss humans? Would you dare to let an amiable predator lick your face?

A Kiss from an Arctic Wolf in Norway - Best Time
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© Victor Cerutti

The Polar Park, also known as Polar Zoo and situated in Bardu, is the largest centre of Arctic wildlife, including lynx, polar foxes, wolverines, red deer, reindeer, moose, muskoxen, bears, and wolves which are different from other wolves, because they are actually taught to kiss tourists.

A Kiss from an Arctic Wolf in Norway - Best Season

A group of visitors kneel in a row so that affectionate predators could reach their faces. Then a guide howls in a wolf-like manner and summons a pack of Arctic wolves which come to give them a passionate kiss or maybe even two or three if they like someone more, than others. The Polar Park is open for visitors from the last day of August until the 20th of June.

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