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A Kiss from an Arctic Wolf in Norway

Who taught arctic wolves to kiss humans? Would you dare to let an amiable predator lick your face?

A Kiss from an Arctic Wolf
A Kiss from an Arctic Wolf

The Polar Park, also known as Polar Zoo and situated in Bardu, is the largest centre of Arctic wildlife, including lynx, polar foxes, wolverines, red deer, reindeer, moose, muskoxen, bears, and wolves which are different from other wolves, because they are actually taught to kiss tourists.

A group of visitors kneel in a row so that affectionate predators could reach their faces. Then a guide howls in a wolf-like manner and summons a pack of Arctic wolves which come to give them a passionate kiss or maybe even two or three if they like someone more, than others. The Polar Park is open for visitors from the last day of August until the 20th of June.

Practical info

When can visitors see Arctic wolves at the Polar Park in Norway?

The optimal visiting time for the Polar Park in Norway would be during February till April when the behavior of Arctic wolves is comparatively more active as they are more comfortable during winter times. The operational season of the Polar Park is from last August day until 20th June, allowing visitors to have a varied chance of viewing animals' differing behaviors throughout the year. Show more

What is the location of the Polar Park in Norway?

The largest Arctic wildlife reserve named ‘The Polar Park’ of Norway is situated within the vicinity of Bardu, at a distance of approximately 72 miles and 560 miles from Tromso and Oslo, respectively. The park has an advantage of its location, being set up at the Lyngen Alps, it provides a breathtaking view of the natural landscapes of the northern Norwegian area. Show more

What are the other animals that tourists get to see at the Polar Park besides Arctic wolves?

An extensive variety of animals, including lynx, polar foxes, wolverines, red deer, reindeer, moose, muskoxen, and bears, can be found within the boundaries of the Polar Park in Norway. The tourists are granted the opportunity of experiencing a closer interaction with some of these animals, such as feeding a moose or a close encounter with a wolverine. It is advised to consult park rangers before the animal interactions can take place, and it may only be available during particular periods of the year. Show more

What methods does the Polar Park use to train their Arctic wolves?

The Polar Park uses a training program that helps wolves learn how to interact with humans in a secure manner. Experienced professionals with permits train these wolves to understand and communicate with humans. Once the wolves acquire the skills to interact with humans safely, they are then permitted to be presented to the park's visitors. Still, remember that the wolves are wild and only interact with humans under the rangers' watchful eyes. Show more

Is it safe for visitors at the Polar Park to let an Arctic wolf kiss them?

Tourists need to understand that predatory Arctic wolves, receiving training as per safety measures, may still pose a risk to them. Interacting or getting too close to them without the park rangers' guidance could be perilous. It is recommended that visitors only take part in the wolf-kiss encounter if they feel confident and under the supervision of experienced guides. So, while the Polar Park management ensures safety precautions, it is highly advised to follow the park guidelines while interacting with the wild animals. Show more

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