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An encounter with a real crocodile is an amusing and awe-inspiring experience ​but requires caution

Crocodiles in Cancun 2020 - Best Time

Fancy seeing a real live crocodile with your own eyes? It's possible in Cancun's subtropical rivers, though today these reptiles aren't as numerous as they used to be.

Crocodiles in Cancun - Best Season 2020

But beware that every year from 3 to 5 tourists get hurt or even die from a croc's attack. Usually, such unpleasant accidents occur because of travellers​ who plunge into the water while drunk, or just carelessly go off the beaten track. Thus, the best way to observe these formidable aquatic reptiles is on a guided boat tour.

Best time for Crocodiles in Cancun 2020

The best season to avoid rains and flooding is December through May.​

Best time to see Crocodiles in Cancun 2020
Best time for Crocodiles 2020

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