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Crocodiles in Cancun

An encounter with a real crocodile is an amusing and awe-inspiring experience ​that requires caution

Best time: December–May


Fancy seeing a real live crocodile with your own eyes? Well, it's possible in Cancun's subtropical rivers, though today there aren't as many of them as there used to be.

Nichupte Lagoon in Cancun is one of the best destinations to see crocodiles in their natural habitat. Three-hour sunset cruises take visitors through narrow mangrove channels, that are full of migratory birds, crocodiles, and other wildlife.

If you are looking for more adrenaline, try night diving and snorkeling with the cenote crocodiles in Tulum, But if you are a diver, you have to check out the coral atoll Chinchorro Banks first. Being a protected area, mangroves of Cayo Centro, which is part of Banco Chinchorro, boasts the largest population of crocodiles in the region.

Xavage Park in Cancun also offers adventures where you can kayak with crocodiles. If you are traveling with kids, then they will definitely love a trip to Croco Cun Interactive Zoo.

Beware that every year several tourists get hurt or even die from a croc's attack. Usually, such unpleasant accidents occur because of travelers​ who plunge into the water while drunk or just carelessly go wandering in the wild. Thus, the best way to spot these formidable aquatic reptiles is on a guided boat tour.

The best season to avoid rains and flooding is from December to June.​

Practical info

What is the best destination in Cancun to see crocodiles?

The Nichupte Lagoon offers a unique opportunity to see crocodiles in their natural habitat, providing visitors with a three-hour sunset cruise through the narrow mangrove channels. Visitors are recommended to avoid wandering in the wild alone and opt for a guided boat tour. While crocodiles are the main attraction, the ecosystem is diverse, and migratory birds and other animals can be spotted too. Show more

What other wildlife can be spotted during the cruise through Nichupte Lagoon?

Apart from the listed crocodiles, the Nichupte Lagoon provides an immersive nature experience, and travelers can witness multiple species of migratory birds and other animals while cruising through the narrow mangrove channels in Cancun. This is a unique way to witness the area's ecosystem and cannot be found anywhere else. Show more

Where can visitors dive and snorkel with cenote crocodiles?

Tulum is the best place for travelers seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience of diving and snorkeling with cenote crocodiles in their natural habitat. For those wanting to see more crocodiles, Cayo Centro, part of Banco Chinchorro, is home to the largest population of crocodiles and diverse wildlife in the region, making it an ideal spot for a guided boat tour. Show more

What is the largest population of crocodiles in Cancun and where can it be found?

The protected mangroves of Cayo Centro, part of Banco Chinchorro, are the home to the largest population of crocodiles in Cancun. These ecosystems offer travelers a unique opportunity to witness various species, including crocodiles, on guided boat tours. While other areas also have crocodiles, this region's vast population makes it a must-visit destination for crocodile enthusiasts. Show more

When is the best time of year to visit Cancun and see crocodiles while avoiding flooding?

Visitors planning to see crocodiles on their trip to Cancun should plan their visit from December to June, avoiding the rainy season and taking advantage of the dry period, with less frequent rains and lower flood risk. Flooding can impact the crocodile spotting experience, so travelers should ensure to schedule their trip during the suggested time frame. Show more

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