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Barbados Monkeys

You'll meet green monkeys year-round, but watching the babies carried by their mothers is possible only in season

Barbados Monkeys
Barbados Monkeys

A green monkey is the only non-human primate in Barbados and one of the most famous residents on the island. The estimated population is about 14,000 individuals. The infants are bluish in color, while mature monkeys have brownish-grey fur with specks of yellow and olive green. Yet, in certain lights, they appear to be overall green, and hence comes their name.

Best time to see Barbados green monkeys

The best time to witness Barbados green monkeys is the baby season, roughly from June to October. Baby green monkeys are born from around May, and by June, there are babies for sure. Unlike male green monkeys, which don't raise youngsters, female monkeys are incredibly maternal. They carry the infants and cover them with a protective arm for about six months, and even later as long as any danger threatens them. The babies are weaned from their mothers at six months old but fully mature only after four to five years.

Where are the green monkeys in Barbados

Green monkeys inhabit all the island, so you can spot some in the gullies or even people's gardens. These curious and hungry fellows can occasionally show up even on some hotel grounds. But usually, the monkeys prefer natural vegetation and woodlands of the rural parishes, such as St. John, St. Joseph, St. Andrew, and St. Thomas. If you want a guaranteed encounter, head to Welchman Hall Gully or Barbados Wildlife Reserve.

Welchman Hall Gully

Welchman Hall Gully is a beautiful tropical forest area, nestled in the very heart of Barbados. The place is great for viewing wild green monkeys in their natural environment. The feeding times are in the mornings and no hand feeding is allowed. This keeps everyone safe, monkeys and people. Besides, you can enjoy nature walks, discover a collapsed cave, learn about the local origins of grapefruit, and have a picnic in a lush valley.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Lots of green monkeys live in the mahogany forest of Barbados Wildlife Reserve, located in the north of the island. Choose the afternoon feeding time for multiple sightings. Remember that the monkeys are free to leave the reserve, and they frequently do so during the day. Additionally, watch out for other wildlife species, including various birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Barbados monkeys map

Look at the map to grasp the distribution of green monkeys across Barbados. Also, you may want to book accommodations nearby. Although June through October is not the busiest season on the island, the best deals are still taken quite in advance.

Practical info

When is the baby season for green monkeys in Barbados?

The birth of green monkeys in Barbados occurs from May, but the baby season lasts from June until October. Female monkeys are responsible for carrying and protecting their infants, which they do for approximately six months, or until any danger has passed. Show more

Where are the best places to see green monkeys in Barbados?

Green monkeys occur throughout Barbados, with a preference for areas that contain natural vegetation and woodlands in rural parishes such as St. John, St. Joseph, St. Andrew, and St. Thomas. Both Welchman Hall Gully and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve are recommended for better chances of seeing these monkeys. The tropical forest at Welchman Hall Gully and the Mahogany forest in the reserve are some examples of the areas where green monkeys can be found. Show more

Are there specific times for monkey feeding at Welchman Hall Gully and Barbados Wildlife Reserve?

To prevent unwanted incidents and ensure safety, feeding times at Welchman Hall Gully and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve take place during the morning and afternoon, respectively. Visitors are not allowed to feed the green monkeys by hand at these locations. Show more

What are some other wildlife species visitors can see at Barbados Wildlife Reserve?

Besides the green monkey, other species of wildlife, such as red brockets, agoutis, armadillos, and different bird species such as the Barbados Bullfinch and Tropical Mockingbird can be seen at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. The reserve also has reptile house, visitor facilities, beautiful landscapes, and plenty more to entertain its visitors. Show more

Are there any accommodations located near the areas where green monkeys can be spotted in Barbados?

Welchman Hall Gully and St. Andrew and St. Thomas parishes, as well as the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, offer several accommodations near the areas where green monkeys can be spotted. It is advisable to book early as the island is likely to get full during peak time (June-October), which is also the best season for witnessing these monkeys. Show more

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